Is It Normal? Trouble Sleeping

It's a twisted Catch-22. You desperately need your sleep, but you just aren't getting any. Or if you are, it's not sound, undisturbed sleep because you have to keep changing positions every five minutes to accommodate the belly. I've seen lots of posts from tired mamas in Pregnancy asking if they were the only ones not getting any sleep -- it's definitely a common preggo problem.


At 27 weeks, luvmybaby430 said she wasn't getting any sleep, with all the trips to the bathroom and running to the kitchen to get something to eat. Many sympathetic moms reported they were in the same boat.

So what's behind the lack of shut-eye? Your growing belly and a frequent need to urinate, of course, but other reasons may be:

An increased heart rate -- Your body's pumping more blood, which causes your heart rate to rise.

Shortness of breath -- Early in pregnancy, this can be because of hormones; later, it's harder to breathe because your growing baby is squishing your diaphragm.

Leg cramps and backaches -- The extra weight you're carrying can lead to both.

Heartburn and constipation -- The digestive system slows down during pregnancy, which means food can sit in the tummy longer, leading to both of these fun pregnancy symptoms.

Trying to get into a regular sleep routine, where you go to bed at the same time each night, might help. And some moms use a body pillow to prop things up and get comfy.

What has helped you get better sleep during pregnancy?

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