Maternity Fashion: Belly Bands at Target

belly bands

Be by BellaBand, $17,

I did a post recently on belly bands and moms seemed interested in them -- they'd either used one while pregnant and really loved it, or hadn't tried them before but wanted to. The cute and colorful ones I mentioned were on etsy, but now Target has a new line of them, too.

Be by BellaBand makes belly-hugging maternity bands that are exclusively available at Target -- they come in basic black, white, and nude, and seem like a great, budget-friendly way to stave off (or even avoid) buying maternity clothes. Use them to conceal the tops of your unbuttoned pre-pregnancy pants or to extend the life of a too-short shirt.

What are your tricks for getting more wear out of your pre-bump clothing, or for saving money on mat clothes?


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