Trying to Conceive: A CafeMom Member's Story So Far

trying to conceive

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There are lots of trying to conceive mamas around here -- you can connect with them in Trying to Conceive and Infertility, Trying to Conceive -- Using Fertility Meds, and Clomid Chicks.

From time to time, I'll profile a woman on her road to becoming a mom here.

Last week, I talked to a 36-year-old member who's been trying to get pregnant with her first child for eight months. She's dealing with a low thyroid, a low FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) level, and issues with the drug Clomid.

This week, I chatted with GinaS.. Here's her story so far.


Tell me a little bit about yourself, Gina.

I'm almost 34 and my husband, Ben, is 42. We live in South Jersey -- just outside of Philadelphia.

How long have you been trying to have a baby?

About ten months. We started trying around April of 2008. I wouldn't even say we were "trying" -- I didn't think we would have to "try" -- so we were just not preventing, figuring it would happen easily enough on its own.

Then in late June, I got two positive home pregnancy tests. I was so excited. But that didn't last very long. I started bleeding four days later on a flight back from New Orleans. That was pretty horrible -- I was all by myself on the plane because Ben had stayed in New Orleans to visit family.

After that I started using ovulation predictor kits to make sure I knew my most fertile time -- I knew timing was important. But since then, no luck.

Are you seeing a specialist?

I'm currently working with my primary OB/GYN. I went for my annual visit a few months ago and discussed what had been going on with him. I had already been all over the internet trying to find out as much as I could about fertility and conception --  which I think was actually making me more crazy than helping me.

But even if it hadn't been time for my annual, I still would have gone in to talk to my doctor. I strongly felt, and still feel, that our age is playing a role in our infertility issues.

What's happened since you've been working with your doctor?

He started me on Clomid. I'm currently using my second cycle of it now, so I'm waiting to ovulate this month to see what happens. I'm checking my cervical mucus and using ovulation predictor kits. The waiting is the worst part. You wait to ovulate, then there's the horrible two week wait after you try.

So you don't really know if you're facing specific challenges or issues at yet?

We're still unsure at this point. If I don't get pregnant this cycle, then my doctor wants to do further testing to see if there are any problems with my uterus or tubes. We'll move on from there.

How are you feeling about all of this?

It is truly emotionally exhausting. At times during the month you're so sure that this is "the month" -- the timing was right, the OPK was dark, the cervical mucus was perfect --  but then the big let-down comes and it's on to another month, another cycle of hurry up and wait.

I try not to get too down about it. I know there are lots of women who've been trying for much longer than I have. I try to think that since I did technically get pregnant last June, I can do it again. Maybe I'm not as broken as I thought and I can be fixed...I hope.

Are you also trying to conceive? Share the issues you've struggled with and your questions here.

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