The Bumbo: Take It or Leave It?

bumbo baby sitter

Bumbo Baby Sitter, $40, Babies R Us

Time for Take It or Leave It Tuesday. Last week, I asked about the Pack 'n Play and most moms-to-be said they'd definitely take it. This week, it's a special chair for baby.

I loved the idea of this one, but my second baby was such a squirmer, she wouldn't stay put for more than ten seconds in it. Let's see what you have to say.

Item: Bumbo Baby Sitter

Cost: About $40

What it does: Baby can sit in this chair unassisted from approximately 3 months to 16 months of age.

Pros: It's a simple design, with no belts or straps. Use it indoors or out on any flat, level surface and you've got a safe place to deposit baby so you can have your hands free.

Cons: It's expensive, and I noticed a couple of moms online commented that getting babies with chunky thighs in and out of the thing was a challenge.

What do you think?


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