Best Positions for Sex When You Have a Big Belly

sex positions while pregnantCafe Kristen did a post for non-preggos not long ago on 10 New Sex Positions to Keep You Busy. But getting it on with a bump in the way is a different kind of business altogether. So what are the most comfortable positions for sex?


A mom in Pregnancy asked for ideas on the best sex positions with a big belly. Here are some suggestions from moms who've found their favorite way to do the deed:

Try using a chair. You sit and let him kneel in front of you. It's ideal if the chair is a little higher than hubby so he's pushing up instead of right on the tummy.

Do it side-lying. You lie on your left side, with him there on his knees. Put one of your legs in between his and the other over his. He enters from behind.

Woman on top! Several moms proclaimed this the best position -- it keeps the belly completely out of the way.

On your back, but not lying down all the way -- prop yourself up with pillows. While he stands at the edge of the bed, put your legs on his shoulders or rest your feet on his knees. Comfy, and he does all the work. :)

What's your favorite position for sex while PG?

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