Full Moons and Labor & Delivery

full moons labor & delivery

I've always heard that a full moon can bring on labor and delivery. And when my partner and I were each pregnant -- and late, and hoping to avoid an induction -- we were optimistic about whatever might work, wacky as it may sound.


Moms around here are talking about labor and the lunar cycle, too. purpleducky recently posted about how a full moon caused an overflow of the maternity ward in the small hospital on the night she delivered. And doulala went into labor and delivery on a full moon with both of her babies.

A book called The Lunar Effect brought the "biological tides theory" into popular culture, claiming that the moon affects the human body in the same way that it does the ocean -- meaning that lunar influence could cause the waters of a woman near her due date to break, thus starting labor.

Do you think there's anything to it? Do you know someone who delivered on or around a full moon?

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