Full Moons and Labor & Delivery


full moons labor & delivery

I've always heard that a full moon can bring on labor and delivery. And when my partner and I were each pregnant -- and late, and hoping to avoid an induction -- we were optimistic about whatever might work, wacky as it may sound.

Moms around here are talking about labor and the lunar cycle, too. purpleducky recently posted about how a full moon caused an overflow of the maternity ward in the small hospital on the night she delivered. And doulala went into labor and delivery on a full moon with both of her babies.

A book called The Lunar Effect brought the "biological tides theory" into popular culture, claiming that the moon affects the human body in the same way that it does the ocean -- meaning that lunar influence could cause the waters of a woman near her due date to break, thus starting labor.

Do you think there's anything to it? Do you know someone who delivered on or around a full moon?

3rd trimester, labor & delivery


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lett lett

my first dd was born the day after a full moon dd #2 was born the night of and ds was born on a new moon.

goatmom4 goatmom4

we didn't know about that when we were having them  but we did do the take a ride on the bumpy road    and he came to be born the next day     hehehheheh

Death... Deathlilly

My due date is on the next full moon. I just thought that was kind of interesting. Well, we'll wait and see!

daydr... daydreaminmom

My water broke with my son the night before the full moon and we were the only ones on the floor that night. The next night over 30 women gave birth under the full moon before my son was born! Coincidence? I don't think so, lol.
Plus the nurses said they see it A LOT!

kaysha kaysha

There is some truth to this. Back in the day (before most of us were born) farmers would know that around the full moon, they would be having baby animals. Dr.s soon realized that this was true with humans as well.

CherB... CherBearCM

It doesn't surprise me.  I know here when there is a full moon you always hear tons more sirens, lol.  I definitely think there is something to that whole full moon thing.

Lynette Lynette

I have also heard a theory that you tend to deliver in the same moon cycle as the one from when you conceived.  My last baby came 3 days after the full moon

Magno... MagnoliasMomma

I had my baby during a full moon. We went to the hospital at 4am because my water broke. The people saw me coming (with a towel between my legs!) and said "O lord. We have another one!" I am thinking- hello? This is my first baby! They were SO full that I had to wait for a room. I had to wait over an hour for an epidural. People all up and down the hall were screaming. It was crazy. When the babies born list came out in the paper, this day was 4 times longer than all the other days! I believe that more babies are born during a full moon!

nonmember avatar SD

My due date is Feb 17th and the next full moon is Feb 9th this is my first baby. We shall see it he will come early on Feb 9th I will keep all posted!

nonmember avatar anxious

Due the 21st. Already dialated and lost mucous plug. Have had bloody show since friday 2 am. We will see what the full moon brings tomorrow the 9th!

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