Is It Safe? Taking Baths While Pregnant

baths while pregnant

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I'm totally a bath-taker. I loooove soaking in the tub. So this was definitely on my list of questions when I got pregnant. Could I still take a bath?


sparklebug86 said in Pregnancy that she takes a bath every other day to relax, but someone told her she shouldn't be taking so many. She asked other moms if they'd been warned off baths, too. Here's what a few had to say:

"The only real risk is overheating." -- bezark

"That's the only thing I've ever heard, too. I take baths all the time, and did when pregnant with my daughter, too, and I never had any problems." -- Proudmommy1128

"My doctor said not to take long, hot baths. And not to bathe (it's OK to shower) after your water has broken due to risk of infection." -- oliviasmomma09

"My doctor said a regular bath is fine, just no hot tubs." -- soulawakening92

Dr. Eva Pressman, Director of Obstetrics and Maternal Fetal Medicine at the University of Rochester, says that "baths are fine, as long as your water has not broken and the bath water's not hot enough to raise your body temperature." 

Talk to your doctor, of course, about what he thinks is safe.

Do you take baths to relax during pregnancy?

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