Maternity Clothing: When Your Regular Pants No Longer Fit

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Secret Fit Boot Cut Maternity Pants, $25, Motherhood Maternity

I was not psyched to buy maternity clothes. I was anxious about my body getting bigger, I didn't think I'd look good, and it seemed silly to shell out money for something I'd wear for such a short period of time. But you can't squeeze into your regular pants forever.


joyvanhalen asked moms in Pregnancy when they switched to maternity clothes -- she said she was in her fourth month and her pants were getting tight.

Some moms said they switched at around four months, too, but others reported they'd made it till pretty late iin the pregnancy before they had to move to mat clothes.

lovelyfaith said she was due in a month and still hadn't switched; she just unbuttons her pants and wears a belly band over them.

What are some moms wearing when they do switch to maternity pants? fkh8ah said she's loving Secret Fit Maternity Pants from Motherhood Maternity (they have a wide, seamless band that stretches over the belly.) And lots of other moms-to-be said they were happily wearing them, too -- although a couple complained that the band tended to slide down.

When did you make the switch from your regular pants to maternity clothes? Or have you?

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