Did You Wait Six Weeks to Have Sex After Giving Birth?


sex after giving birth

I'm guessing your doctor told you to wait six weeks after childbirth before having sex -- typically the standard practitioner recommendation. You'll have had your postpartum check-up and your doc can make sure everything's healing well, especially if you had an episiotomy.

Moms around here are talking about the postpartum six week wait -- and not all of them are following doctor's orders.

If you've given birth before, did you wait the full six weeks before getting it on? And if you didn't, um, how'd things go?

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Tyler... TylersMama2008

We did pretty good at waiting, it was the day before my 6 week appointment that we gave in! :)  We had finally put our son on a schedule and we had the evening to ourselves because he was sleeping peacefully! So one thing lead to another...

DeeGi... DeeGillette

Nope, didn't wait.  Only lasted two weeks! However, I had a C-section after pushing for a couple of hours so I was pretty sore.  It hurt somewhat but not enough to really be uncomfortable.  I had my 2 week check up (for the incision) the next day and all the doctor said was, "Here's a bag of condoms - don't get pregnant yet!"

CarlyQ CarlyQ

We waited 6 weeks after my first child. I was way too nervous. After my second, I think we waited 4 weeks. Both were vaginal, no episioitomy, Knowing how I felt after giving birth, it is hard to imagine having sex less than 4 weeks after a vaginal birth!


After our daughter was born 17 and a half years ago, my DH grinned at me and said "Six weeks!" on the very day it was. I should have pushed him out of the room and locked the door. I'll never forget the pain!! I bled, too (I know...TMIish), and it was NOT enjoyable in the least. I love him, but it was a lot to endure. :(

absmama absmama

We only waited about 2 1/2 weeks after both kids.  My doctor told me that I could go ahead whenever I felt ready, because I didn't tear, and everything down there looked good after birth.

Loa1002 Loa1002

waited 4 months and it still hurt even after I used a dildo on myself. My son came out with his arm near his head so I tore badly.

personally I would wait the 6 weeks even if I didnt tear that bad. It is trama to your who ha so let her heal a bit.

pauls... paulsgirl30

LOL... we gave in 2 days before my checkup!!!  3 weeks later I found out I was PREGNANT AGAIN !!!!   WE WILL be waiting a long time after this baby lol !!!

richg... richgirljj

We had it three weeks later - didn't wait.  I had a c-section, didn't wait.  No problems.

pjaca... pjacademy

6 weeks the first time....8 days the second (& it was me NOT him!)

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