Morning Chicness Bags -- Necessary or Nonsense?

morning sickness bags

Morning Chicness Bags, pack of 10, $7,

I did experience some morning sickness when I was pregnant, but I never actually threw up. And I felt lucky, because I know many moms who had to carry around a plastic bag and make use of it fairly often.

If I had been a frequent cookie-tosser, I might have considered dropping a few bucks on these -- Morning Chicness Bags, for the chic morning-sick mama. Just to make myself feel better. I mean, if you've gotta throw up in public, maybe it would help a little to do it in a better-looking bag? 

On the other hand, it's still 7 bucks for something you're just gonna barf in....

Have you ever experienced morning sickness in public? Would you consider getting a bag like these?


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