Weekly Pregnancy Calendar: Week 15


weekly pregnancy calendar week 15

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I'm following a first-time pregnant mom, 19-year-old bam61907 on her exciting journey from bump to baby. Check back every Wednesday for the latest developments!

Week 15

What's Happening with Mom: I had a full week of work and did a lot of school work, too. My husband and I spent time together over the weekend, but for part of it he had to attend a practice for the security mission that he's part of in Washington, D.C. for the inauguration.

Physically. I'm feeling good, although for some reason I feel huge -- even though I'm still really about the same size as last week!


As for current symptoms, I've had the pregnancy runny nose, I notice my fingernails are growing faster, and I'm still tired. I've also been feeling bloated and had some light cramping -- it feels kind of like everything is stretching out in there.

I've also been feeling some twitching in the lower left side of my stomach, close to my underwear line, and I've wondered if it might be the baby moving. I was explaining it to a friend and she said since I'm so little, it is possible that I'm feeling the movements. She said if that's what it is, it will become more noticeable over time.

I'm still craving chocolate. Oh, and one new craving: the biscuits from Red Lobster!!! But in general, I've been a little surprised that I've not been eating more. I've been having only two meals a day with no snacks in between this week. I just haven't been too hungry.

I'm dying to know the sex of the baby -- I'm really hoping at my next appointment, in two weeks, that my midwife will be feeling extra-nice and will give me an ultrasound so I don't have to wait for an appointment with radiology to find out! I'm also wondering who the baby is going to look more like -- me or Justin.

I've started to think about child care -- and that may be an issue for us. I called the CDC (Child Development Center) on post to confirm my spot and to ask if I've moved up on the waiting list and she said no, I am still looking at AT LEAST a year before I can get in!

There's such a big wait because it's the newest and biggest CDC and parents from the Pentagon, Ft. Belvoir, Ft. Myer, and Ft. Meade take their kids there. I've been freaking out. Civilian day care is way too expensive. On post, I would be paying in the high $400's a month. Off post, it will be at least $1,000 - $1,200 a month.

My mom said she would watch the baby, but she's about 25 minutes away with no traffic and about an hour and a half away with the rush hour traffic of northern Virginia. So I do have her to fall back on, but I'm hoping I can find a military wife who stays home with her kids and wants to watch another one for a little extra money.

Things are good between Justin and me -- he's more understanding of all of the changes and my feelings now. This week we haven't had sex much, but it's because we're so busy and then tired when we finally do have some free time. Sex feels pretty much the same so far, although I've noticed some positions are less comfortable for me.

I haven't had any recent random belly rubbing from strangers -- it's just my husband, thank God. I don't want other people touching my belly!

What's Happening with the Baby: You still probably can't feel my movements (known as quickening) yet, but I keep getting bigger and more active -- I'm between four and five impressive inches long now and I weigh a couple of ounces. I'm learning how to inhale and exhale, swallow and suck; my ears and eyes are moving into place, so I'm looking less like a tiny alien and more like a baby. My bones are continuing to develop, and my fingernails are fully formed.

Question of the Week from Answers:

"I've had severe nasal problems my entire pregnancy -- constant stuffy/runny nose. Has anybody else had this?" -- casper4991

"Yep, all three times. Unfortunately, it's a common side effect of pregnancy." -- GrnEyedGrandma

"There's lots of swelling involved in pregnancy, and this can include nasal tissue as well. I also got a frequent bloody nose when I was pregnant. The stuffiness made it hard to sleep at night, but I got the Breathe Right strips and they were wonderful. The bleeding and stuffiness went away after my daughter was born." -- bretsnag

Talk to your doctor if you're experiencing a chronic runny or stuffy nose, and see what he recommends for it.

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