Am I Pregnant? The Tests Are Negative, But I Feel Pregnant

am i pregnant?

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Tests never lie. Or do they? Sometimes even taking a pregnancy test -- something that should feel like a pretty accurate barometer for whether or not you're in the family way -- can feel like reading tea leaves.

Can a test be wrong?


Jamiegrlready42 posted in Pregnancy about getting negative test results but still feeling pregnant -- and said her period was a no-show, too. Here's what moms advised:

"Ask your doctor for a blood test -- they're more accurate than urine tests." -- jbhaleyrm

"Stress could be to blame for the missed period -- but a blood test will tell you for sure." -- alejen

"My friend was pregnant and knew it but couldn't get a home pregnancy test to say positive. She got a blood test and found out she was three months along!" -- TheMillerFamily

"I had a feeling I was pregnant when I was only about four weeks along. I went to the doctor at seven weeks and the test came back positive. I went home and tried a home pregnancy test and it still said negative. A HPT didn't come up positive until I was about ten weeks along." -- APlessy

It's rare, but possible to get a false-positive from a home pregnancy test. False-negatives are more common and could be because:

You tested too early -- For the most accurate results, test a week after a missed period.

You timed the test wrong -- Test within 15 minutes of collecting a urine sample.

The urine was diluted -- Test in the morning, when urine is the most concentrated.

Have you ever gotten a negative test result only to find out that you were actually pregnant?

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