Am I Pregnant? The Tests Are Negative, But I Feel Pregnant


am i pregnant?

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Tests never lie. Or do they? Sometimes even taking a pregnancy test -- something that should feel like a pretty accurate barometer for whether or not you're in the family way -- can feel like reading tea leaves.

Can a test be wrong?

Jamiegrlready42 posted in Pregnancy about getting negative test results but still feeling pregnant -- and said her period was a no-show, too. Here's what moms advised:

"Ask your doctor for a blood test -- they're more accurate than urine tests." -- jbhaleyrm

"Stress could be to blame for the missed period -- but a blood test will tell you for sure." -- alejen

"My friend was pregnant and knew it but couldn't get a home pregnancy test to say positive. She got a blood test and found out she was three months along!" -- TheMillerFamily

"I had a feeling I was pregnant when I was only about four weeks along. I went to the doctor at seven weeks and the test came back positive. I went home and tried a home pregnancy test and it still said negative. A HPT didn't come up positive until I was about ten weeks along." -- APlessy

It's rare, but possible to get a false-positive from a home pregnancy test. False-negatives are more common and could be because:

You tested too early -- For the most accurate results, test a week after a missed period.

You timed the test wrong -- Test within 15 minutes of collecting a urine sample.

The urine was diluted -- Test in the morning, when urine is the most concentrated.

Have you ever gotten a negative test result only to find out that you were actually pregnant?

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Abiga... Abigailfriend

I didn't get a false negative, but the home pregnancy tests just didn't work for me. I I did test more than a week after the missed period, timed the test obsessively perfectly 3 times, did morning urine, and the whole deal. never got a positive, but the Dr.'s blood test confirmed pregnancy. Of course, by the time I got those results back I already had morning sickness, so I was pretty sure. :)

SuprM... SuprMom12042702

Yeah I was almost 12 weeks pregnant before the pee test showed for me with my first one. And I was about 7 weeks with my second one. Here's my question, what happens when you feel pregnant, the moodiness, morning ickiness {not quite sick, just icky lol}, dizzy, etc and yet I just got over my period... what do you do then? lol

natal... natalex26

Today was the first time a pee stick worked for me! This is #3 and I finally got a + sign. I never got one with my first 2. They always came back negative! I wonder why that happens.......

kfroz... kfroz0415

I took a HPT on Thursday (my period was one day late at this point) and it was negative, but I just couldn't shake the feeling that I was pregnant because I hadn't had a late period in 6 years. I took another test that Friday and it was positive.

eykelley eykelley

YEs you can be pregnant even if the tests ar enegative. I was 7 weeks along when I took 3 home PG tests and went to my Drs office and theirs came back negatvie too. Then they did a blood test and WHAM I was PG! You have to have enough of teh pregnancy hormone in your body for the tests to come up right and I didn't! So tests are not always so accurate!

I say get a blood test. Blood never lies!

airbo... airbornewife04

I have been pregnant 3 times and with all the pee tests with all three pregnancies I got a negative. Even with the blood took at the most so far 4 tests to come up positive...with my 1st I needed 3 tests even tho I had no period...with my 2nd...I needed 2 blood tests even tho no period and with my 3rd pregnancy(tubal pregnancy so I had to terminate) I ended up having to take 4 tests for a positive even with no period. I am the type that it has to take a lot of the hormones to show a positive I guess. I knew I was pregnant when I missed a period. I havent missed a period yet due to stree so far.

KelleyM KelleyM

I had that happen several times.  I knew I was pregant long before the test would confirm it.  With my second pregnancy the doctor refused to say I was pregnant until he did an ultrasound, which confirmed I was between 3 and 4 weeks along.

airbo... airbornewife04

Well I think I may be pregnant now but since its not medically neccessary (Tricare-Military) they wont do an ultrasound even tho since I had tubal chances go up and with my tubal tube ruptured and lost a liter of blood. So Im adament about finding out if I am so I can make sure its not a tubal one, ya know?

gst gst

Yup that happned to me, they (3 tests) all came back negative . it wasnt untill my 4th test (and I was almost 8 weeks pregnant) did it finally show positive.

tonyaNtx tonyaNtx

I have been having pregnancy symptoms big time for the past few weeks. I had my tubes tied after my last pregnancy, and one side ended up rupturing. What are the odds of me being pregnant with half the equipment and that half is tied!  I'm too terrified to take a test. I had to get my tubes tied due to physical probs.

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