Single Moms and Adoption

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There are lots of ways to become a mama, and not all of them mean experiencing labor and delivery. The end result in any case is the same -- you've got a baby.

Adoption is an important topic around here, and, I have to say, moms are smart, well-informed, and supportive. It's wonderful!

I read a post by kristen78 recently in International Adoption about being single and interested in adopting internationally. Here's what some single moms who've done it or are in the process of adopting had to say about their experiences.


"I'm a single third grade teacher and I adopted my daughter from Brazil. She came to live with me on a medical visa (she needed eye surgery and tubes in her ears) when she was two, and we went to Brazil to finalize things and change her last name to mine when she was three. The process wasn't difficult." -- sljinga

"I'm in the process of adopting from Armenia and so far I've been happy with the agency and the process. I also know single moms can adopt from Russia, and I've heard that Bulgaria is opening again and will accept single moms." -- janinnc

"Guatemala is currently closed and it's not certain when they'll re-open, but Ethiopia is a good option that's very single-friendly." -- Guatmama

"I'm a single mom who adopted my son from China, but unfortunately they no longer accept singles. Now I'm working on adopting again from Russia." -- deliasmom2009

"Here's a great site to learn more about international adoption -- The woman who keeps the list is a single mom with two kids from Russia." -- Azure11111

"I've adopted twice as a single mom from Russia. My adoptions were both the most precious and the most stressful times of my life. But I'd do it again in a heartbeat. You can read more about my journey on my blog --" -- AdoptionOption

Of course there are all sorts of ways adoptive families are created -- through international adoption, domestic adoption, with single parents, or as a couple. To connect with other parents and to get info, check out:

And for insight from one happy mama who adopted, read Cafe Suzanne's wonderful chat with JayGirlsMom -- 5 Things Never to Say to an Adoptive Parent.

Are you thinking about adoption? Are you already an adoptive mama? Share your story here.

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