14 Beautiful Boy Names Inspired by the Ocean


Slow and steady, the waves 

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Artists, directors, writers, and other creatives have always turned to the open water for inspiration. Perhaps it's that the sea is both beautiful but so much lies beneath the surface. There's so much we don't know about the deepest parts of the world's vast oceans. Of course, it's no coincidence that some people find lasting connection and hope from the water. Many parents look to the sea for inspiration closer to home -- like when it comes to naming their baby boy. And to us that makes total sense.

Parents have always looked to the natural world for baby name inspiration. Whether that be the stars, the sky, the moon, or the woods. But if mom and dad love the water, the sea might be a better guide in naming the new baby. We know it can be hard to collect a list of names that really speaks to a certain vibe or element, which is why we want to make our readers' lives a little easier. So we put together a collection of boy names that are inspired by the ocean. 

  • BAY

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    There's a clear connection between the name Bay and the ocean, although we do admit that these are two different kinds of bodies of water. Bay is not a common name and if parents are looking for something more traditional, they can look to the name Bailey.

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    Dylan has never been a more popular boy's name than during the 2000's. Quickly this Welsh name rose to become a top 20 baby name. And for parents who interested, it means "sea."


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    Of course, the name Jordan connects to the water via the River Jordan, but in Hebrew the name means "to flow down, descend" and comes from the Hebrew word yarden. Other variations are Jorden, Jordon, or Jordy.

  • WADE

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    Those first few steps into the water, the feeling of the ocean on the toes, the deeper one goes, the deeper one wades into the water, the more peaceful they'll be. The name Wade also means "ford, wading place" and comes from Old English.


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    A unique name of unknown origin, we love the name Laiken. It's so natural sounding and outdoorsy. The name may mean "lake" making its connection to the ocean even stronger. And we like it as a variation on the name Lake or Lark.

  • BECK

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    Just like the name of famous SNL cast member Beck Bennet, Beck is the coolest guy around. Not only does this baby name follow the trend of short make names, it also translates to "brook." 


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    OK, OK. We get that this name might come off a little -- Grandpa-y. But Irving might be worth a second look. The baby name means "friend of the sea" and we like the variation Irv, too.


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    Under the water there is so much life. Ronan is an ancient Irish name taken from the diminutive form of rón, meaning "a seal" and loosely means "little seal." The name is still popular in Ireland even today.

  • NILE

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    To some, this name might sound a touch old-school but to us the name Nile is perfect. The first thing we think of when we think of the name Nile is the Nile River and in Ancient Greek the name means "river valley."

  • RAIN

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    As the sky begins to break and the drops begin to fall, the ocean ripples. Rain is a soothing beautiful name that brings to mind pure, clear water on the open sea. It clarifies and purifies.


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    Flowing, this name takes us on a journey. River has become a classic boy's name throughout the early to late 2000s. Most likely because it evokes the natural world and the movement of water across space.


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    There is, of course, the country of India where some people might draw inspiration from, but when it comes to the water we were thinking that this name might be taken from the Indian Ocean.

  • FINN

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    A popular name that comes from the Irish name Fionn, Finn is a simple yet sweet boys' name that means "fair, white, clear." Of course, the ocean is filed with fins, tails, and gills -- making this baby name a true tribute to the sea.


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    One-syllable names have been on trend for years now and the name Trent is no exception. It's been a massive hit in the US for the last 20 years and there's no sign it's slowing. Trent comes from the transferred English surname meaning "dweller by the river Trent." 

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