Mom-To-Be Who Is 'Blatantly Rude' Blames It on Pregnancy & Her BFF Is Over It


angry pregnant woman

Listen: Pregnancy hormones are no joke. Moods will swing to the highest of heights and lowest of lows. Being pregnant, however, doesn't necessarily give women carte blanche to be mean at-will -- and one friend on Reddit is sick of her pregnant friend doing just that.

  • The woman says her "best" friend of eight years is in her second pregnancy.

    "She blames all of her 'mood swings' (aka her being pretty rude with words) on her pregnancy hormones," wrote one frustrated BFF. "And listen, I get it. You're more hormonal, you're more moody, I understand. But that doesn't give her the right to be downright rude in my eyes."

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  • She says that her pregnant friend is constantly coming at her with absolutely no reservations. 

    For instance, there's this:

    "When I got my own apartment, she yelled at me and told me I was stupid and 'how could I leave my mom,'" the woman wrote. "When I had a pregnancy scare, she yelled at me and told me I wasn't ready for kids. Blamed ALL of that on her hormones. But I mean, really... it was just rude."

  • The verbal attacked continued, even when the woman expressed being in a vulnerable state. 

    "Now I confided in her a few days ago that I was having trouble with my mental health and wasn't cleaning my cats litter box as much as I should have," she admitted. "She just threw it in my face when I told her I was taking my mom's kitten that she can't keep. She throws it in my face and says 'you can't even keep up with one cats literal [expletive].'

    "I've been doing a bit better and keeping up with it more but like... I trusted her to not judge me for that and to throw it in my face?" the friend continued.  "And now she posted on facebook saying that she's annoyed with someone's actions. Which I mean, clearly is me..."

    The friend wants to know if she is being unreasonable for holding her friend accountable for these outbursts even though she is pregnant.

  • People agreed: This pregnant mom was out of line. 

    "Of course there's no excuse for rudeness especially when she refuses to acknowledge it and apologize," one person wrote. "Sounds like her true colors are coming out now that she thinks she has something to blame her bad behavior on."

  • Others noted that even if it was a valid "reason" to be rude, no one should be forced to just take it. 

    "Even if the mood swings are entirely to blame on this, it doesn't mean you have to put up with it," assured another reader. "You are totally within your rights to just keep your distance for a bit, or through the rest of the pregnancy, etc. Even if someone is 'justifiably' rude, doesn't mean you have to take it."

    We hope these BFFs can sort this out, because when the baby arrives, this mom-to-be could be find herself down a good friend.