Pharmacy Clerk Refuses To Sell Woman a Pregnancy Test Because It's Not an 'Essential Item'


Woman shopping at pharmacy

One woman in the UK was shocked when she went to get a pregnancy test from her local pharmacy and was turned away by the pharmacy assistant. The reason? Apparently, finding out if you're expecting isn't an essential task at the moment.

  • When the anonymous woman arrived at the pharmacy, she noticed there was a sign on the door saying only two customers were allowed inside at a time.

    That wasn't surprising given current social distancing rules, so she patiently waited her turn outside.

    But according to her post on the Mumsnet forum, things started off badly when the pharmacy assistant came to the door.

    "You have to wait outside you know, you can't just barge in!" she told her.

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  • The woman was confused.

    "Yep I know, that's why I'm waiting here," she responded.

  • Then the pharmacy assistant asked the woman what she needed.

    The woman told her a pregnancy test -- but that was clearly the wrong answer.

    "THAT IS NOT AN ESSENTIAL ITEM!" the assistant told her. "You can pick up a prescription or medication ONLY."

  • Again, the woman was perplexed. What was going on here?

    "I just looked at her," she continued. 

    "'Well I would like to see if I'm pregnant or not, please can I buy one or can I speak to the pharmacist?'" the waiting customer said.

  • That is when the assistant hit her with some strange reasoning.

    "I've just told you no," the assistant said. "You shouldn't be trying to conceive at a time like this anyway."

  • At that point the woman was fed up.

    She decided to go home and just order a pregnancy test from Amazon. But the interaction she had with the pharmacy clerk had her left "dumstruck" hours later.

    "I was polite, I stood well back from her, I didn't raise my voice," she explained. "But it's okay to be shouted at now? And being told I shouldn't have a baby? Very bizarre."

  • The comments section was furious on the mom's behalf.

    "I'd make an official complaint," someone wrote in the comments. "That is awful and totally unnecessary."

    "That person is obviously having a bad day and taking it out on you," someone else wrote. "Of course a pregnancy test is an essential item. I would put in a complaint if I was you."

    "That is ridiculous," a third person wrote. "For all she knows you could be on medication which would mean that a positive pregnancy test required urgent medical advice. I'd also make a complaint."

  • In a later comment, the woman clarified that she is trying to get pregnant -- but that's not the point.

    "I think that's an awful thing to say as I could have been raped, had failed contraception etc," she wrote. "I also don't think that a pharmacy assistant has any right to tell me I should have a baby or not! Utterly bonkers."

    After reading some of the comments that supported her, she decided to call the pharmacy to complain, but it didn't go as she hoped.

    "I think it was the assistant who answered from the sound of her voice," she wrote. "I asked to speak to the manager and she just said he wasn't there. I asked if he could phone me back and she said no." 

    Well, perhaps it is time for the woman to find a new pharmacy.

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