16 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Drive-By & Virtual Baby Showers

Devan McGuinness | Jun 30, 2020 Pregnancy
16 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Drive-By & Virtual Baby Showers
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Virtual baby shower gift ideas

Baby showers are one of those new-parent-to-be rites of passage and a special moment that so many look forward to. It's a great excuse for everyone to get together and celebrate the new life that is going to be brought into the world and to take a look at the growing baby belly. Having a baby shower is one of those traditions that leave lasting memories, but with the worldwide health concerns, people have had to get creative instead of sticking with the usual activities.

Instead of large gatherings showering mom-to-be with endless love in person, many people are turning to drive-by or virtual baby showers in place of the typical get-togethers. It's just safer, especially for pregnant woman who may be more susceptible to the virus and for older loved ones. This social distancing "party" is still a meaningful opportunity to give the parents-to-be endless support and gifts -- without the boring baby shower games! But because these aren't traditional showers, some are starting to think about the gifts in a different way.

Going out shopping isn't as simple right now, and mom's needs may also be slightly different. So before going with a stand baby shower gift for the next drive-by or virtual get-together, think a bit outside of the box. Here are 16 gift ideas for a drive-by or virtual baby shower that 2020 moms-to-be will love.

  • Netflix or Disney+ Subscription

    Disney+ on smart phone

    With a new baby comes messed-up sleep schedules and many hours spent awake in the middle of the night. With nothing to do except trying to settle a baby to sleep or to nurse nonstop, having entertainment to keep a new parent occupied while they're stuck staying awake is so helpful. Giving gift cards for Netflix subscription or a Disney+ subscription would be so helpful, and they can be given through email.

  • Food Delivery Service Cards


    Tending to a newborn means regular chores take the back seat. Things like remembering to eat are surprisingly difficult to remember when caring for a new baby and catching sleep wherever it's possible. For a virtual or drive-by baby shower, giving food delivery service cards -- such as Uber Foods, Door Dash, or Instacart -- are ideal for a tired new parents to use when it's needed most.

  • Kindle Unlimited


    If watching TV or movies isn't the guest of honor's cup of tea, perhaps a subscription to Kindle Unlimited is a better idea? With this membership, they can read a whole number of titles available, and although their time to read may seem limited, those countless nights up with the baby can be multi-tasked with reading.

  • Walmart or Target Gift Cards

    Target shopping boxes

    There are so many unexpected expenses when a baby is brought into the world, and that's why a Walmart or Target gift card will forever be a useful and thoughtful baby shower gift. This one works best right now because we can send them easily in the mail or drop them off during a drive-by shower.

  • Glow in the Dark Zodiac Art

    Zodiac Star Sign
    Uncommon Goods

    If finding an actual gift is important for the virtual or drive-by shower and directly mailing it to the parents-to-be, thinking outside the regular gifts is a fun way to stand out. This adorable and sweet photo set of zodiac star signs glows in the dark and would make an excellent focal point in the baby's nursery. It's a fun twist on glow-in-the-dark star stickers for the ceiling. This one is from Uncommon Goods and is affordable at $30.

  • Coffee Delivery Service

    coffee cup

    New parents struggle to stay awake. The disaster of no sleep is something that doesn't escape any new parent, and coffee is a must. The worst is when a parent had a terrible sleep and woke up to discover all the coffee is gone. A shower gift of never having that happen thanks to a coffee delivery service, such as one from The Roaster's Pack, is the way to go.

  • Humorous Onesie

    Quarantine onesie

    Humor is the best medicine for anything, and there's nearly nothing cuter than this hilarious baby onesie that pokes fun at isolation and the unique pregnancy mom has gone through because of it. It's hilarious and will make for some fun photos when the baby finally arrives. This onesie from Amanda R on Etsy is perfection.

  • American Sign Language Blocks

    American Sign Language Blocks
    Uncommon Goods

    Another cute gift to give to future parents that will be as memorable as pregnancy during the current health situation is this block set from Uncommon Goods. Instead of a traditional alphabet, this one offers the alphabet in American Sign Language. It's a thoughtful gift that will be a conversation starter for years.

  • Baby Shusher

    Shussher app

    There are some gifts that seasoned moms like to give to expecting moms because they really work. This is one of them. Even though it sounds silly, the shushing sound this product and its app makes are glorious and work to actually get baby to sleep. It can be purchased and sent directly to expecting parents from Amazon.

  • Lulla Doll

    Lulla Doll
    Lulla Doll

    Another one of those gifts that we hear works from seasoned moms, the Lulla Doll is a comfort gift for a new baby. It's a sweet little doll whose purpose is to help baby sleep, which in turn helps the new parents find some extra z's too. This can be purchased directly from Lulla Doll and shipped to the home.

  •  Baby Basics Care Kit by Fridababy

    FridaBaby Basic Care Kit

    All new parents need items for their baby care, and sometimes it's hard to know exactly what those items are -- ones that will actually be useful. Fridababy has come through and put together a basics care kit that helps during those times a tired parent may not think about first.

  • Honest Night’s Sleep Kit

    Honest Beauty Honest Night's Sleep Kit
    Honest Beauty

    We know that baby showers are a good way to celebrate a baby-to-be, but it's also helpful to give thoughtful gifts to the new parent. This kit from Honest is a wonderful gift to give once or via a subscription for the Honest Night's Sleep Kit. All new parents are tired, but their skin doesn't have to look like it. This is a refreshing way to boost mood and help the new parent feel great, even if exhaustion has set in.

  • Home Cleaning Service

    Person cleaning door handle

    Cleaning sucks for anyone who feels overwhelmed, and new parents totally fit into that category. It's another chore that requires energy, which is hard to find when caring for a sweet little newborn. Giving a home cleaning service is a wonderful idea for a drive-by or virtual shower because it's easy to give and oh, it will definitely be used.

  • Amazon Prime Membership

    Amazon boxes

    There are a lot of situations that change when a family has a new baby, and being able to run out for supplies is one of them. It's not simple to slip out for more coffee or even baby diapers. That's why the gift of an Amazon Prime Membership is a wonderful idea: Parents can have same-day or next-day shipping right at their fingertips.

  • New Mom Wine Glass (With Optional Wine Delivery)

    Etsy Waiting 9 mo for this wine

    If the mom-to-be is a fan of wine and she's missed her glass during her pregnancy, this playful glass from Ashley Krieg on Etsy is perfect. The "I've waited 9 months for this" is adorable and can be paired with a wine delivery service, such as one from FirstLeaf.

  • Hello Bello Diaper Bundle Delivery

    Hello Bello
    Hello Bello

    Diapers are expensive, and one of the best reasons to get together for a baby shower is to give parents-to-be enough diapers to last their new baby for a little while. Because traditional showers aren't able to be done right now, sending a diaper bundle, such as one from Hello Bello, is an alternative way to help with this common baby expense.

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