Pregnant Mom Is Heartbroken Husband Moved to Guest Room so He Can Sleep 'Comfortably'


pregnant woman alone in bed

The further along you are in your pregnancy, the higher the chance you'll struggle to get comfortable and fall into a restful, fulfilling slumber. For one expectant mom on Reddit, the issue has been compounded by the fact that her husband has started sleeping in the guest bedroom. She says she can't sleep without him and has suffered through every night they've been apart. 

  • In the Relationship Advice subreddit, the original poster (OP) shared that since her husband went to the guest room, she's been "crying all night."

    And she can't fall asleep until 5 in the morning. "I know it sounds ridiculous," the OP noted. "I'm 7 months pregnant, and he says that I snore and take up too much room so he's been sleeping in the guest room. For the past three days, I haven't slept more than six hours total, and I spend all night crying."

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  • The OP said it's not her husband's fault, and it's not his responsibility to ruin his sleep so she can get her Zs.

    "But I don't know what to do," she wrote. "I don't want to seem demanding and make him sleep with me, but I miss him at night, and I can't sleep without him anymore. In the 10 years we've been married, there's probably only been 10 nights we haven't slept together, and those were all at the beginning of our marriage. I'm just so tired during the day, and I don't know what to do."

  • Redditors banded together to reassure the OP that she's not alone. 

    "I feel for you," wrote one commenter. "My husband had to make the same decision recently because I too am pregnant and interrupting his sleep with my noises, size, fidgeting, and getting up to pee every hour. It was really hard for me to sleep without him at first because we just never do that unless something's wrong or one of us is out of town, both of which are rare."

    She went on to advise that the OP ask her husband to sleep with her on weekend nights and offer more physical touch and time together when they're not snoozing. "I realized that, sadness aside, holy crap the bed is actually way more comfortable when I have it to myself," the commenter noted.

    Another commenter suggested that the OP's shifting hormones might be playing a role in her sadness.

    "It seems to me that he genuinely just wants to get better sleep and is having trouble while you're pregnant," the person wrote. "I'm sure if you talk to him, he'll be understanding, and maybe you can work something out. One night together, one night away, together for weekdays and away on weekends or vice-versa. Just remember that it's nothing personal, and he just wants some better sleep. It might help to sleep with an item of his clothing or something else soft that smells like him."

  • Other sung the praises of sleeping apart -- now and/or in the future. 

    "My husband snores terribly," explained one commenter. "I used to kind of poke him whenever he woke me up, and one day, he got fed up and went to the guest room and never came back. That was many years ago, and we are still happily married and both getting better sleep. It hasn't hurt our sex life or intimacy or anything like that."

    Another agreed, writing, "Yeah, it's pretty common now days for couples to sleep in separate rooms. Me and my wife always have."

  • Ultimately, commenters urged the OP to remember that both she and her husband need rest more than they need one another's company in bed.

    As much as one Redditor could sympathize with the OP, she pointed out that getting enough rest will benefit both partners -- during and after pregnancy. The commenter noted, "You're going to need him more and more as your pregnancy progresses and after the baby comes, and he needs to be rested, so that he can support you through those times."

    Here's hoping the OP is able to move past her current sadness to embrace this truth that will benefit her, her husband, and their baby in the long run.