17 One-Syllable Girl Names Perfect for Middle Names

Genny Glassman | Jun 29, 2020 Pregnancy
17 One-Syllable Girl Names Perfect for Middle Names
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Falling in love with a great baby name can happen swiftly, but finding the spot-on perfect middle name for a baby girl isn't always as easy. Sometimes parents want to use that spot to honor a relative, while others are looking for a name that is trendy and popular. Either way, we all know that a great first name can be made or broken by a bad middle name. But don't worry, there are a few tips and tricks that we've picked up that might be of help to parents confused on where to start their search. First let's look at what not to do: Don't pick a middle name that's too long. A great baby name can easily be ruined by a middle name that has too many syllables. Second, make sure the names mesh well together -- a bad middle name can clash with a first name and ruin how it sounds. 

Now let's focus on what to do -- focus on flow. Of course, there really are no rules when it comes to baby names. But certain key rules can definitely help parents who are confused on how to take the next step. That being said, if there's one thing we know, it's that a great baby name flows smoothly from start to finish. A second piece of advice -- look at middle names that are short and sweet. Not only are short names on trend, but they can prevent a complete baby name disaster. Using some help from Nameberry we decided to go one step further. We've put together a list of 17 middle names for baby girls that are one syllable and are pretty much guaranteed to make a name flow like a river. We decided to compile these names into one list for parents to peruse -- take a look and see if these names are the perfect fit!

  • BEE

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    This name has tons of buzz! Bee is the first name on our list and could be derived from the name Beatrice or if nature is more the vibe -- could well be a name to honor the humble bumble bee. Either way it complements a ton of other sweet feminine first names.  


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    We love how spiritual this next baby name is. Faith is the idea of unquestioning belief and complete trust in God. It also has roots in the Latin word fides, which means "confidence" or "belief." It's perfect for a family who has deep religious roots of any kind. 

  • TRUE

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    The perfect name for a baby who cannot tell a lie and no, we don't mean George. True is such a sweet girls' name. This name denotes a sense of loyalty, authenticity, and unwavering in their faith. Plus, it's a pretty trendy name -- Khloé Kardashian named her daughter this for a first moniker! 


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    Sort of antique-chic, we love the baby name Maude! It's the anglicized Norman contraction of Matilda, which means "powerful in battle" and the name has been around since the Middle Ages. It's particularly perfect for a newborn parents feel just have an old soul. 

  • DOVE

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    A bird of peace, Dove is a name that really takes to the skies. Originally, Dove hit its peak in popularity way back in the 1800s, but has slowly started to come back into style during the 2000s. We love how it can accent a first name without taking way from it. 


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    What a great little name! Greer is a name that was transferred from a surname that originated in the Middle Ages and it comes from the contraction of the name Gregor -- loosely meaning "watchful or vigilant."


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    Sweet little Britt Britt! A variant of the name Brett, Britt was taken from this English surname which was derived from the Old French Bret that was the ethnic name for a native of the town of Brittany. 

  • WYNN

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    Wynn is derived from a Welsh name, Grwyn, but it probably is a popular here in the US because it has such a positive (winning!) connotation to it. The Welsh name means "fair or white."

  • SAGE

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    A name connected to wisdom and all that's earthly, Sage is a name for spiritual, intellectual-leaning parents. Like the herb of the same name, Sage has a cleansing and healing vibe that many parents will love.

  • EVE

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    One of the first names ever, Eve has Hebrew origins and comes from the name Chava, which means "life." Eve was the first woman and is known as "the mother of all the living." How meaningful! 

  • BIRD

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    Another name with connotations of nature and the natural world, Bird is a name for parents who don't want something traditional. Bird is sure to be a one-of-a-kind middle name and we think that's a great thing.

  • JADE

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    Just like the beautiful green stone where it gets its name, Jade is a sparkling name for a sparkling baby girl. The name originally comes from the Spanish piedra de ijada, meaning "stone of the side" because it was believed to cure pains in the side of the body.


    baby girl

    Although this name's popularity has dipped a bit in the past few years, Paige is still a hip girls' name. Originally, Paige was an English surname and was taken from the Anglo-French page, meaning "a page, a boy attendant."

  • AYN

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    Ayn is a different take on the spelling of the common baby girl name Ann or Anne. And some parents may really like that this name is just a little different, while still being a familiar baby name favorite.


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    Joy, delight, happiness, elation, euphoria -- these are words that are similar to the name Bliss. And we think that's some good company. Bliss is a name that some parents might like because of these positive connotations -- we just think the name sounds pretty.

  • KERR

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    A totally quirky baby name, we think Kerr makes for a great middle name for a little one. Originally, Kerr was an old Scottish surname taken from the Old Norse and means "one who lives by wet ground."

  • POE

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    Two guesses where this name originated. That's right, it was writer Edgar Allen Poe. We like that the name Poe sounds a little more gender neutral -- so parents who don't want a name that's too girly should take note.

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