20 One-Syllable Boy Names Perfect for Middle Names


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Finding the right baby name isn't always just picking from what's trendy. There's one thing that actually plays a large part in choosing the right name that we often forget about: flow. How a name rolls off the tongue (or really, really doesn't) plays a huge part in how and why we pick the names that we do, which is why a middle name is so crucial. The key to picking the right middle name is to mix up the pace. If the first name is long, it might be worth it to pick a short name. If the first name is short, definitely pick a longer middle name. With boys' names there are actually many options, no matter what kind of middle name parents are interested in. But we think that there's just something about a short middle name that really picks up the pace. 

Of course, one doesn't want to just pick a one-syllable baby name at random. Finding a good baby name takes a little research and finding the perfect name that's a good fit. A lot of the names on our list follow current trends, like action names (Nash and Dash), outdoor names (Oakes, Hunt, and Clark), or royal baby names like King or Duke. But there are a few that are less common, which is perfect for parents who are looking for names that are truly quirky (like Ace or Rhys). We decided to put together a list of our favorite short middle names and below one will see what's truly the best of the best. Each of these names is guaranteed to make the flow of a name better, just take a look and see.

  • ACE

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    There's a reason why Ace is the first name on our list. It's the tops. In fact, Ace has been steadily rising in popularity in the US since the early 2000s and although it hasn't broken the top 100 baby names, it's well on its way.

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  • DUKE

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    A name with royal vibes, Duke is another great option for a princely little guy. Duke means "a prince who rules an independent duchy, or a noble man with the ranking just below that of a prince."


    baby boy

    Grant is a name that really took off in the 2000's and while it's not a top 10 baby name, it certainly has many admirers. Originally, Grant was originally an English last name that has now become a first name in its own right and means "great."

  • KING

    baby boy

    Another regal moniker, but we think King would fit perfectly in the middle of any boys' name. King has become wildly popular across the US, as has the other variations; Kingston and Kingsley.

  • TATE

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    We've been obsessed with the baby name Tate since American Horror Story, but it seems like everyone else is catching on. Seriously, who wouldn't want a little Tater tot running around?

  • WEST

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    Now we know that the name West has strong Kanye vibes, but one doesn't have to be a resident of Calabasas to appreciate this baby name. West could be a great name for a boy with a sense of adventure -- and more importantly, a sense of direction.


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    Nature-loving parents will like this baby name as it evokes that feeling of the outdoors. Oakes also has that autumnal feeling, which makes it a nice rustic name that sounds sporty and reminds us of campfires.

  • WIN

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    Sure, we could make the joke that this is a WINning baby name, but that's beneath us. Jokes aside, Win is clearly a great baby name. Short and sweet, Win has never been a top baby name, but we still think it's No. 1.


    baby boy

    There are several Rhetts that make this name notable, including Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind and country musician Rhett Akins to name two. The name has been growing in popularity for the last 10 years, and we don't see this trend stopping anytime soon.


    baby boy

    Pierce is a derivative of Piers, an Old French and Middle English form of Peter, which means "a rock." Sure, not the coolest of meanings, but Pierce is actually a popular baby name that has been on the rise throughout the 2000s.

  • COLE

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    Cole is another name that was once a last name and was taken from the Old English name col, which means "coal." The name was been  popular around the word and in particular Scotland where it topped baby name charts in 2011 and 2012.

  • DASH

    baby boy

    Sometimes the name Dash is short for Dashiell, but we think Dash would make a great name all on its own. There's another reason why we like the name Dash so much, its the name of the lightning fast son in The Incredibles.

  • JETT

    baby boy

    It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Jett! A fast-paced name for a little guy who's meant for the skies, Jett is the prefect name for a little pilot. Additionally, Jett is one of the top boys names in Australia -- giving it an international flair.

  • MACK

    baby boy

    A rough-and-tumble name, Mack is derived from the Gaelic mac and means "son." Often, Mack is used as a nickname for Mackenzie, but for a boys name we think it's sort of cool all on its own.

  • NASH

    baby boy

    Another action name, Nash is a name for a boy who's always on the go. Starting in the 2000s, Nash has been slowly creeping up in popularity and we expect that eventually it'll be one of the top names in the country.

  • HUNT

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    Another name that evokes the great outdoors, we think Hunt works best as a middle name. It just has a certain ring to it. Hunt could be short for Hunter, but it also works perfectly well on its own.

  • CALE

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    We all knew that eventually someone was going to name their baby Cale, we just thought it would be spelled like the leafy green lettuce. Originally, Cale was a Gaelic last name caol meaning "thin, slender."


    baby boy

    This name is on fire. Blaise is borrowed from the French but has unknown etymology. Some people believe it was taken from the Latin Blaesus, which comes from the name blaesus meaning "deformed, stuttering." 


    baby boy

    Clark is a name with biblical ties and also has ties to the Old English clerec or clerc, which means "clerk." Originally, the name was the occupational title for a clergyman, cleric, or man of religious order.

  • RHYS

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    The Anglicized form of the Welsh Rhys, which means "ardor," Rhys is another name that was once a last name that's now a first name. And if one wants a little variation they can also spell the name Reese.

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