Mom-To-Be Surprises Family With Her Baby Name & Doesn't Get Why Her Sister Hates It


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It's never easy to tell someone you love that their baby name pick is a little too out there for you, but sometimes you have to fess up and tell the truth. On Reddit, one woman faced some major blowback after she told her sister that the baby name she liked, Portabella, was better suited for the grocery store -- not her baby's birth certificate.

  • The Original Poster's (OP) sister is in her third trimester "and she's about ready to pop any day now. "

    On the forum Am I the A--hole, the OP wrote that since her sister's pregnancy began, she's been keeping her baby name a secret from everyone -- "even their closest friends and family." 

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  • The sisters have their differences, but ultimately they're family, so her sister decided to let her in on her little secret.

    "The name is Portabella," the OP wrote. "Like the mushroom."

    At first, the OP thought she was joking, but oh no -- her sister was very serious.

    "She started saying how we could just call the kid Bella for short."

  • The OP doesn't mind the name Bella, "but I think naming your kid after a mushroom is weird."

    So she told her sister that she can name her baby whatever she wants "as long as Brother-in-Law is on board," she wrote. 

  • Her sister was "irritated" -- why can the OP have an obsession with fried chicken, but her obsession with portobello mushrooms is weird?

    The OP told her that she can be obsessed with any food she wants "but you don't see me making plans to name my firstborn the Colonel."

    That was the wrong thing to say to a heavily pregnant lady.

    "This just made her explode," the OP wrote. "I keep telling her the name is fine and I don't care what the baby is called as long as she's healthy, but she's insisting I was being an [expletive]."

    "Was I, though? I don't care what the baby's name is, I'm just excited to be an auntie. AITA?" she asked.

  • Most people agreed: She had to tell her sister the truth for her own good.

    "NTA [Not the A--hole], you didn't even insult the name or tell her not to, you just didn't give the reaction she wanted," one person commented. "She knows it's weird and is deflecting based on that. She's TA for giving her kid a name that could get her bullied."

    "Will definitely get bullied," a second person agreed, adding a joke. "I love lasagna so I now know what my next move is."

    "OP's sister can't even handle someone having a reaction to her child's name AS AN ADULT but she wants to put that on a child?" a third person chimed in. "How is the kid supposed to handle the inevitable bullying if her own mom can't without blowing up."

    Others reminded the future aunt that the name goes beyond just being weird.

    "It won't even just be mushroom related bullying. With a name like that, you know she'll get called porta potty or something, too. ...  That'll probably be grade school, the fungus jokes will be middle school," one person wrote.

    Another agreed: "Well little Latrine is sick of people making fun of her, so OF COURSE she’s gonna pick on Porta-Potty...."

  • A few people thought the OP should have stayed out of it.

    "YTA, that's really rude," one person told her. "It's fine to not like the name, but you don't have to say it outright. Your sister and brothers in law have probably thought about this name for a while now, and it's not your kid, it's her baby, her rules."

    "YTA, you get no say and these sorts of opinions are exactly why people refuse to share names," a second commenter agreed. "It doesn't matter if you, me or anyone else thinks it's weird."

    "It's her baby. Someday when the kid is 16 and hates her name and her mom, you can needle her then," a third person agreed.

    Ultimately, what her sister names her baby is out of the OP's hands, but we think it was downright charitable to warn her that the uncommon name might be an unwise choice.

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