C-Section Mom Learns She Didn't 'Actually' Give Birth, According to Her 'Friends'



Even in 2020 there are people who ignorantly believe that women who have C-sections aren't  "real" mothers. Despite hours of labor or induction or weeks of healing, unless a baby makes its way through the birth canal it's not considering an actual birth.

Of course, we know these people exist but never really think we'll encounter them. Unfortunately. one C-section mama did and it was in her own group of "friends."

  • She learned her friends felt this way at a small get-together in her own house. 

    "So I had an emergency c section six months ago," she explained. "My partner and I decided to have a small get-together with friends. One of his friends whom I can't stand and genuinely believe is a sociopath asked me if my son got a birth certificate. I was pretty confused and replied with a yeah."

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  • The friend in question then informed her she shouldn't have gotten a birth certificate for her son. 

     "because I did not give birth, my son was 'extracted from me like a tumor,'" she claimed. "His wife and a couple of people snickered with him. I did what I always do which is ignore him because I don't deal well in those situations."

    However, the mom went on to say that she did in fact know that she gave birth and it "counted," despite what they tried to make her believe.

  • People were totally grossed out by this woman's circle. 

    "Unfriend this person because they're a tumor that needs to be removed from your life," one reader simply and sagely advised. 

    Other C-secion moms made sure she knew what a rock star she is.

    "I hemorrhaged two and a half liters of blood after my emergency c-section with our first and had to have an emergency D&C after my blood pressure tanked to 60/30. It gave me a bit of PTSD, but it seriously messed with my husband, who didn't have the mercy of being given general anesthesia while they figured out how to patch me up...You were [expletive] BISECTED so they could REMOVE A HUMAN and you're a [expletive] rockstar."

  • On a more serious note, others wrote that she needs to have a chat with her partner. 

    "I think it is time to sit down with your husband and have a very candid conversation about your birth experience and why that comment is incredibly hurtful," one person wrote. "(And it was for sure intended to be hurtful). It sounds like you had a bit of a traumatic birth and to have it mocked by 'friends' and for your husband to not stand up for you, and his family right then and there. Ugh. I am actually angry for you. But, in giving him the benefit of the doubt you guys need to seriously talk about this."

  • Ultimately, everyone concluded that this person needed to be banned from her home.

    C-section moms, adopted mothers, VBACs, vaginal births ... whatever your story is and no matter how your child came to you, they are still your kid and you are still their mother. Period.