MIL & Husband Gang Up To Force Clingy Grandma's Way into the Delivery Room


Pregnant woman in delivery room

One mom-to-be on Reddit could barely contain her joy at being 33 weeks pregnant with her first child. But her joy is being tested thanks to her mother-in-law getting involved. Now, both her MIL and husband are insisting that she be in the room with the Original Poster (OP) when she gives birth, but that's not happening if the mom-to-be has something to say about it.

  • The pregnancy is the OP's first -- "a little girl and I’m absolutely ecstatic."

    She's excited in part because when she was 19, she was told she was infertile, she explained on Am I the A--hole, so she sees this pregnancy as "a miracle."

    It's "just an absolute blessing and I couldn't be happier," she wrote.

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  • She's been with the baby's father for the past three years and can't wait to welcome their child.

    But we can only imagine his mother is a part of the package she'd rather not deal with. 

    "She is possibly the most overbearing woman I have ever met," she wrote. "I’m almost positive that in her mind her son is still 12 years old."

  • At first, her relationship with her MIL was great.

    But after the pair moved in together, her MIL was "at our house literally every single night and wouldn't leave until about 10 pm."

  • Her behavior has become more questionable since OP got pregnant, talking to her as though she's "just an incubator" for the son's child, for instance.

    She'll even talk to the OP's stomach "without even acknowledging me which feels so dehumanizing." 

    "She and my husband are very close, but I feel as though I have no time alone with him because she is constantly there," she wrote.

  • Suffice it to say, the OP does not want her MIL around while she's in labor.

    Not surprisingly, her husband doesn't agree. "I honestly don't want her in the delivery room when I give birth but my husband is adamant on her being there," she wrote. "I feel so selfish but I want my husband's support and I don't feel as though I'll have it with him constantly tending to her."

    She's tried talking to her partner about it, but he doesn't see things her way. "He told me I was being ridiculous and selfish, and that I need to get used to her being around a lot," she says.

    OP believes her MIL will only make her delivery feel "so stressful," but her friends have advised her to let her MIL be there and ignore her "and my husband is obviously refusing to let me ban her from coming."

    "AITA for not wanting her there?" she asked the forum.

  • People had some choice words for her husband.

    "H--l no, NTA [Not the A--hole]," one commenter wrote. "Your husband has NO SAY in how you give birth. When he pushes a football out of his junk, he can have his mommy there. But YOU are the one giving birth, not him. Period. H--l, have hospital security outside your room, if that's what it takes."

    "It's YOUR BODY. Honestly, I would 100 percent support kicking HIM out of the delivery room, at this point," a second person agreed.

    "It is both of your baby but the labor is completely yours," a third commenter agreed. "He can't give birth so you get to choose who is in the room. You may have to compromise on other things when it comes to your MIL but not this."

    The OP needs to make it clear to her husband that she needs him to back her up. No one should have to feel uncomfortable when in such a vulnerable position.