Mom Learns 'Random' Baby Name Her Husband Fell in Love With Is Actually Inspired by His Ex


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Baby names are an incredibly personal choice. The name we choose for our little ones almost always signifies something, and even if the name doesn't have a "deep" meaning, it's still a moniker we felt connected with our children, making it a personal one. Perhaps there is no greater honor than to have a little person named after you.

Names that are picked after people in our lives are truly a sign of that person meaning the world to us. So when one mom-to-be discovered the name she and her husband picked out was secretly in honor of his ex, she freaked out.

  • The mom-to-be says she and her husband found out their first child was going to be a little girl and decided to lock down a name. 

    "We found out it was a girl and my husband suggested the name 'Tiffany,'" she wrote. "I immediately fell in love with the name! I asked him where he got it from and he told me that he heard it while watching a movie and it stuck with him. I didn’t think much of it. We decided that we both loved the name and that it was going to be our little girls name!"

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  • When she was talking to her sister-in-law over FaceTime, she learned that the name Tiffany wasn't just a casual discovery. 

    "She mentioned how surprised she was that I agreed to that name because she'd never want to name her child after her husbands high school girlfriend," she wrote.

    "I was really confused at first and asked her what the heck she meant. She told me that my husband dated a girl named Tiffany from 10th grade until they were juniors in college. While I knew my husband had a long relationship in high school and college, I never knew the girls name."

  • The SIL felt so guilty for upsetting her, but the mom wasn't the least bit mad at her. Instead, her rage was all at her husband. 

    "After hanging up, I confronted my husband and asked him if what his sister said is true," she revealed. "He tried to blow it off at first but eventually admitted that it's true. We argued back and forth for awhile before I told him that I would NOT name my daughter after his ex-girlfriend and I refused to use the name 'Tiffany' anymore."

  • After putting her foot down and vetoing the name, the mom said her husband tried to convince her it wasn't a "big deal." 

    She has three main reasons for putting the kibosh on the name:

    "1.) He lied to me about where the name came from

     2.) I don’t want to look at my daughter every day and remember that she's named after my husband's ex-girlfriend

    3.) It makes me feel like he still loves her ... as far as I know, they're not in contact and haven't been since they broke up."

    He then told her that she was "acting like a child" by having such a big overreaction and that she can't change the names because she's five weeks away from the birth.

    "I feel hurt and betrayed," she wrote. 

  • People everywhere back up that this woman had every right to be furious.

    "If he thought it wouldn't be an issue that it was his ex girlfriend's name, he wouldn't have lied about it, plain and simple," wrote one reader.

    "He deceived you into agreeing to the name, he continued to lie to you when you confronted him, and now he's trying to force you to keep the name with ridiculous logic (you can't change your mind 5 weeks before giving birth? What kind of BS is that?)" the person continued. "Even if you would have been okay with the name originally had he been honest, now it's tainted by the fact that he lied to you about it."

    Another person noted that this was absolutely indicative of something bigger.

    "What your husband did was really shady and I can't blame you for being suspicious of his reasons," the person explained. "It is completely inappropriate for him to expect you to be ok with naming your kid after an ex of his. If the shoe were on the other foot, would he be ok with naming your child after an ex boyfriend of yours?"