Woman Had No Idea She Was Pregnant Before Giving Birth in Her Bathtub Alone

Cindy Texas woman gave birth unexpectedly
ABC13 Houston/YouTube

No one is immune from the uncertainty of this difficult moment in time, but we're all handling the twists and turns differently. One couple in Texas gets major props for rolling with it, as they recently welcomed a baby entirely unexpectedly. The new mom, who has been referred to only as Cindy, had no idea she was pregnant.

  • On Mother's Day weekend, the woman began to have cramps, she told Houston news station ABC13.

    "So I got in the bathtub, as I normally would, and then, not even an hour later, [my baby] was here," she explained. "I never felt like I had to push, but at a certain point, I felt like my body was pushing, and then he came very quickly after that."

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  • Cindy welcomed a 5-pound boy who she and her boyfriend, Chris, named Jaxson.

    "We don't have any ultrasounds, we don't have heartbeats, no pregnancy photos," the new dad said. "There was no sign, there was no kicking. She gained 10 pounds through the whole entire pregnancy. She had her woman time show up every month."

  • After giving birth in the bathtub, Cindy called 911 and went to the hospital.

    Chris was reportedly visiting family at the time and didn't believe it when she first told him.

    "She ended up FaceTiming me with the doctors, and then that’s when it kind of just set in that, 'Hey, she wasn’t making this up at all,'" he explained to ABC13.

  • Since Jaxson's arrival, the surprised new parents have made a baby registry for their "perfect" and "healthy" miracle.

    "We’ve just been getting packages after packages after packages," Chris told ABC13.

  • Although the couple say their friends have been in disbelief when they share the news, everyone seems to be adjusting nicely.

    Congrats to the new parents!