15 Baby Names Perfect for Future 'Coronials'

Wendy Robinson | Apr 3, 2020 Pregnancy
15 Baby Names Perfect for Future 'Coronials'
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There is no doubt that 2020 will go down in history as the year defined by COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. As the virus sped around the globe, families settled in for long weeks of social isolation and working from home. While some kids struggled with finding good ways to stay busy, we'll know in about nine months how many parents passed the time by getting busy! There is a lot of speculation that the "coronial" generation is coming and they are going to need some names. 

Now, nobody is going to suggest that Covid is a good baby name (though its easy to imagine that somebody, somewhere is going to use it). But there's no reason that a major, life-changing, once-in-a-generation event can't be the source of some baby name inspiration. For many couples, this period might be dark and scary, but a new baby may be a source of light and joy. For that reason, some families may want a name that feels related to the state of the world when the baby was conceived. Some of the names on our list are new, some are a bit more familiar, but all of them have some connection to the coronavirus pandemic. So click on for some current event-influenced baby name inspiration. 



    One of the voices of wisdom during the coronavirus crisis has been Dr. Anthony Fauci. Dr. Fauci has a long and distinguished career and has played a critical role in educating the public about COVID-19. Anthony is a name that could be a great way to honor all the brave doctors and nurses fighting the virus. 

  • ASA


    The Hebrew name Asa means "doctor" or "healer," which could be another way to honor the sacrifices and bravery of the health care providers who treated countless thousands of people during the worst parts of the pandemic.  

  • RONA 


    It might seem like it was a name that's just a cute nickname for the coronavirus, but Rona is a Hebrew name that means "my joy," which is such a sweet sentiment for a baby conceived during a hard time.  

  • VIDA


    Vida is a gorgeous Spanish name that means "life" which is basically perfect, given that babies joyfully represent new life. A name to honor life makes a lot of sense for babies born to the generation of virus survivors. 



    We said we wouldn't use the name COVID or Corona for a name choice, but Corvid is an elegant sounding alternative. This name, which is used to describe birds like crows and ravens, could emerge as a cool hipster name choice. 



    We're not going to suggest the name Corona because that gives off way too much of a beer vibe, but Sharona can be a cheeky variation on the idea. This Hebrew name is only a good option for parents who are OK with people starting to sing "My Sharona" at them on a regular basis. 



    One of the most striking things about the coronavirus crisis was the need to to practice self-isolation to be safe. Solita is a Spanish name that means "solitude" or "alone" and is a nod to the fact that we all had to engage in some isolation during this time. 



    If there is one thing that becomes clear during a pandemic, it's that there is nothing more valuable than health. The Japanese name Kenji, which means "healthy, strong" is a great way to celebrate the gift of not being sick. 



    Another name that celebrates health is the charming and feminine choice Eloise. This French name means "hale and healthy" and is classic but underused, making it a great choice for parents wanting something fresh. 

  • ANGUS 


    Angus is a Scottish name that has started recently gaining in popularity as part of the trend toward old-school names. The coronavirus connection here is that the name means "strong," which is something that everyone had to be during the crisis. 

  • CORA 


    The name Cora has Greek origins and a similar sound pattern to corona, which makes it a cuter and more classic way to give a nod to the virus that made such an impact on families everywhere in 2020. 

  • COREY 


    Similar to the name Cora, Corey is a gender neutral option that sounds similar to corona without being a literal translation. Corey is an Irish name that can also serve as a nickname for the more grown-up sounding options of Cornelius or Cornelia. 

  • AMIAS 


    There is nothing like an international crisis to make us all realize that few things are more important than love. The name Amias (pronounced uh-my-us) is Latin name meaning "loved" and lends itself to the cute nickname Ami. 

  • LI


    Parents with Chinese ancestry might want to consider the name Li. This unisex name, which can mean either "pretty" or "powerful," belonged to the Chinese doctor Li Wenliang who was the original whistleblower who alerted the public to the coming COVID-19 threat. He sadly died of the virus and deserves to be honored. 



    More than almost anything else, people wanted to be healthy and to stay safe during the coronavirus crisis. The name Aminah, which is Arabic roots, means "feel safe." Not only does it have a cute built-in nickname, Mina, but it also reminds us all that we need each other to feel safe. 

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