Help for Stretch Marks

Is there even such a thing as help for stretch marks? Or does this pregnancy symptom fall into the category of grin, bear it, and just be grateful you're having a healthy baby?


KelsoBabeyy asked in Answers about a good lotion to use for stretch marks. Here's what a few moms had to say on the subject.

"When I was worried about stretch marks, my doctor told me she was going to be honest with me. She said don't waste your money on lotions. Your skin determines whether or not you'll have stretch marks. Some women get them, some don't. She told me with my skin I would. I didn't believe her and I tried everything! NOTHING worked." -- StevensWife

"My doctor said they were hereditary and she was right. My mom has them and so do I." -- jbirchard

"I've had four kids and have no stretch marks. I rubbed cocoa butter cream on my belly religiously and forced myself to drink plenty of water. I don't think there's any one cream or lotion that will prevent stretch marks, but I do think staying hydrated and moisturizing your skin will help reduce the chance of stretch marks." -- hafaadaiak

What do you think? Is there anything pregnant moms can do to avoid stretch marks?

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