20 Netflix Inspired Baby Names

Wendy Robinson | Mar 11, 2020 Pregnancy
20 Netflix Inspired Baby Names
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Picking the perfect name is one of the highlights of pregnancy. But it can be totally overwhelming. Should the name be classic? Hipster? Gender neutral or super feminine? There are so many ways to try to find the perfect baby name. There are books and websites and even paid baby name consultants. But what if there was a more low-key and relaxing way to choose a baby name? What if the answer was just to Netflix and chill

Pregnancy can be a great time to engage in some serious Netflix bingeing. Who doesn't enjoy some comfy couch time? And nobody deserves a night filled with snacks more than a pregnant lady. But not only is a good binge a great way to chill, it is also a low-key way to check out tons of possible baby names. With both new and classic TV shows, plenty of movies, and even reality shows (yes, there is a Love is Blind name in this round up. We're a little obsessed.) there are names for sci-fi fans, romance fans, and even those who aren't afraid of subtitles! And don't worry, just because a name comes from a hot Netflix show doesn't mean that it can't be a classic. We've rounded up 20 of the best Netflix inspired name, so read on!



    Love is Blind has been the most buzz worthy Netflix show of 2020 and it was basically impossible not to root for Lauren and Cameron, the breakout stars of the show. Spoiler alert: Cameron and Lauren end up married. Not a spoiler alert: Cameron is a great baby name! We love that it is gender neutral and classic without being common. Love it!

  • OTIS 

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    Another popular Netflix show is the funny, touching, and often cringe-worthy show Sex Education. The main character, who is as cute as he is awkward, is named Otis which is an old-fashioned name that is so ready for a comeback. Otis may embarrass himself some times, but he is also caring and smart. Who doesn't love that energy for a baby name? 



    To All the Boys I've Loved Before and the sequel To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You are two of the best Netflix movies. Not only is the main character Lara Jean absolutely adorable, the films also feature one of the dreamiest movie boyfriends -- the one and only Peter Kavinsky. He is just the cutest and Peter is a classic name ready for a romantic comeback. 


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    A TV show about two 70+ age women navigating life, love, sex, and starting a business might not be the obvious source for finding a baby name, but Grace and Frankie offers two great options right in the title! Frankie is a fun, unisex name with a bit of a hipster vibe. It can be short for either Francis or Frank and has been gaining in popularity lately but still isn't in the top 100, so it feels fresh. 



    Let's get this out of the way first: Big Mouth is hilariously raunchy and totally inappropriate for kids. Still, we love the cuteness of the name Connie. That said, parents who choose this name will probably not want to tell their daughter that she was named after a character called a hormone monster until she is past puberty herself!

  • LUKE 


    The show Luke Cage only had two seasons, but that was all it took for fans to fall for the brooding crime fighter with unbreakable skin and a signature black hoodie. Luke, a shortened version of Lucas, is a great choice for families that want a strong name that has both superhero and biblical connections. 



    The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a creepy cool adaptation of the Sabrina the Teenage Witch series. While the main character of Sabrina has a complicated life filled with witches and demons and even Satan himself, she is also smart, stylish, and super powerful. Those are pretty killer traits to give even a non-witchy baby!



    The Netflix original Fuller House is a major nostalgia trip for parents born in the 1980s. While the reboot is a fun way to check in on the grown-up lives of D.J., Stephanie, and good old Kimmy Gilbert, those may not be anyone's top choice for a baby name. But Kimmy's daughter is named Ramona and that is an elegant classic! 



    Fans used to seeing Jason Bateman in funny roles might have been surprised by his darker turn in the Netflix hit show Ozark. Bateman plays a character called Marty, short for Martin, who may not always make the best choices but is fascinating to watch. Martin is a strong name that isn't currently in the top 100, so it is classic without being common. 

  • TRISS 


    Triss Merigold is the name of a beautiful sorceress in Netflix's fantasy show The Witcher. While Triss is cool as a standalone name, it could also work as a nickname for the classic Latin name of Beatrice. Beatrice is a name associated with beauty and happiness and is currently gaining in popularity. 


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    The Crown is almost certainly one of the most expensive shows Netflix has ever made and viewers are obsessed with all of the perfect period details. While the show is filled with characters with classic English names (starting with Elizabeth, obviously), we think the name Winston is smart and complex, just like Mr. Churchill himself. 

  • TITUS 


    The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt may be named after the naive former bunker dweller Kimmy, but the real scene stealer of the show is her fabulous and slightly ridiculous roommate Titus Andromedon. He is a delight and so is the name. Titus is a very masculine Latin name which means "title of honor" and is currently rising in popularity, now ranked in the top 500 names in the US. 

  • POLLY 


    Fans of British dramas love Netflix, which has a trove of great options. Peaky Blinders is a look at at the exploits of a British crime family, which includes Elizabeth Gray who goes by the name of Polly. The name Polly peaking in popularity in the 1960s, which means that it is ready to make a comeback!

  • PIPER 


    The name Piper is bright and cheerful and has been steadily growing in popularity. Parents who don't love the idea of naming their baby after a convict from the Netflix original Orange is the New Black can just say that the name comes from the series Charmed, which is enjoying a second life on Netflix and also has a character named Piper. 

  • BODE 

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    Fans of supernatural horror just might be binge watching Netflix's Locke & Key right now. The youngest son in the Locke family is named Bode (pronounced Bow-dee) and is one to watch on the show. Bode is a cool name that gives off some sporty vibes as many people will associate it with US skier Bode Miller. 



    Speaking of the show Locke & Key, we've also got another great character name: Kinsey! Kinsey plays the middle child and only daughter in the Locke family. Kinsey is a modern name that dates back to the early 1990s in the US and can be a nickname for the more popular and option of McKenzie.

  • HENRY 

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    The Netflix original film The King is a historical drama that combines several of Shakespeare's plays and is chockfull of characters named Henry. There's King Henry IV, King Henry V, and Henry Percy. So, just take the hint! Henry is a strong, royal, oh-so-British name that is adorable on a baby and strong on a grown-up. 



    We can't start this list with the name Cameron from Love is Blind and not include the name of his (spoiler alert) beautiful wife, too! Cameron and Lauren are the cutest couple and we love the simple elegance of the name Lauren. 

  • ELENA 


    People looking for a nice long binge should check out all eight seasons of the soapy teen drama The Vampire Diaries. The main character Elena not only has great hair but also the love of two hot vampire brothers Stefan and Damon. Elena is a pretty timeless name, perfect for a girl whose boyfriend is 150+ years old. 

  • COLT


    The Ranch on Netflix stars Ashton Kutcher and is filled with country music and western-inspired names. For those who are hoping for a boy who might enjoy wearing a ten-gallon hat someday, we'd suggest checking out The Ranch and choosing from characters named Colt, Jameson, Beau, or Hank. 

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