20 Most Popular Baby Names in New York

Kathleen Wong | Feb 19, 2020 Pregnancy
20 Most Popular Baby Names in New York
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Baby names go up and down in popularity. It's just a fact. Factors that contribute to that fluctuation include time, pop culture, and location. Speaking of the latter, it's interesting to look into baby name trends that pertain to location. 

Take New York, for instance. New York is a state that encompasses all types of communities, from small farm towns, like in Hudson, to big urban cities (hello, the Big Apple?) Despite a wide variety of lifestyles and different types of people, the most popular names in 2018 for the state of New York according to the Social Security Administration were all pretty classic, simple, and sweet. In fact, they were consistent with the top baby names in the country. From pretty Mia to strong Mason, it's difficult to dislike any of the beautiful names found in the top 20.

Whether or not a parent is from New York or has always been drawn to the Catskills or the city that never sleeps, everyone can be inspired from the top 10 baby boy names and the top 10 baby girl names from New York.

  • LIAM

    baby boy
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    The name Liam stems from the name Uilliam, which is the Irish version of William. It's short and simple, but most definitely handsome. In fact, we almost prefer this shortened version to the original, more common name of William.

  • NOAH

    baby boy

    The name Noah comes the Hebrew word nōach, which means rest and comfort. We've probably heard of the name from the biblical story of Noah's Ark. Noah is a beautiful but short name and there's probably no space for a nickname there.


    baby boy
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    Jacob is another well-known name that comes from the Bible. It's a strong, timeless name. Fun fact: Jake Gyllenhaal's real first name is actually Jacob!


    baby boy
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    Thought to derive from the name Lucius, which means light, or the Greek name Loukanos, Lucas is a bold and handsome name. It has grown in popularity over the past few years, too. Just about 10 years ago in 2009, it was the 39th most popular name in the US. 


    baby boy
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    In Hebrew, the name Ethan means strength, firmness and long-lived. All of those sound pretty good, right? It comes from the Bible, actually, and in it, Ethan is a man wiser than Solomon. 


    baby boy
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    Michael is one of the seven archangels in the Bible. In fact, he is the one closest to God. This makes sense then why Michael continues to be such a popular baby boy name. 


    baby boy
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    Joseph is the seventh most popular baby boy name in New York. We totally get why. The Hebrew-originating name is timeless and someone named Joseph can go by Joe, Joey, or Josh. 


    baby boy
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    From Matthew McConaughey to Matt Damon and Matthew Broderick, Matthew has been a popular name for quite some time. It ranks No. 8 on the most popular baby boy names list for the state of New York. It derives from the Latin name Matthaeus, the Greek name Matthaios and Matthias, and the Hebrew name Matityah, which loosely translates to gift of God.


    baby boy
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    The baby boy name Mason is strong and rustic. It has English roots and means "one who works with stone."


    baby boy
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    Who was one of the most famous Alexanders? Alexander the Great, of course. He really put the name on the map. In Greek, alexia means to help and andros means man. Put together, the name Alexander essentially means "defender of mankind." Any boy named Alexander is destined for great things.

  • EMMA

    baby girl
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    The beautiful name Emma comes from the Germanic name Erma, which is loosely related to the Germanic word for strength. From Emma Stone to Emma Watson, Emma continues to be a popular, well-known baby girl name.


    baby girl
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    Olivia is said to derive from Olive, as in olive tree. The name can be found in Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night. With 1,083 baby girls born in New York in 2018 named Olivia, this name sure isn't going anywhere anytime soon. 

  • AVA

    baby girl
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    The origin of Ava isn't well known. It is thought to come from the Germanic name Aveza or Avia. In 2007, the name Ava peaked in popularity; however, it's still pretty popular these days, too. I mean, it makes sense. The name is sweet but simple.


    baby girl
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    The baby girl name Isabella is ranked fourth on our list of top baby girl names in New York in 2018. It is the Spanish version of Elizabeth and any baby girl named Isabella has her choice of nickname: We like Izzy and Bella best. 


    baby girl
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    With English roots, Sophia is a name fit for a princess. No, seriously. James I of England named his daughter Sophia in the 17th century. Although we may not be actual royalty, we think any girl named Sophia will be a queen in whatever she chooses to do. 


    baby girl
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    The name Charlotte is the female version of the popular English and French name Charles. It is also the name of the second child and only daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. 

  • MIA

    baby girl
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    The adorable name Mia is believed to be a nickname that comes from the name Maria. A famous Mia is Princess Amelia "Mia" Thermopolis from the Princess Diaries


    baby girl
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    Amelia is the English version of the equally beautiful Germanic name Amalia. The name Amelia comes with a slew of incredibly pretty nicknames, such as Aimee, Amie, Lia, Mel, and Millie. 


    baby girl
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    The origin of Evelyn remains somewhat uncertain, but is believed to be the English variant of the French name Aveline, which derives from the Germanic name Avila. Depending on where someone is from, it can be pronounced EVE-lyn or EHV-eh-lyn. Both are stunning.


    baby girl
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    Although technically a gender neutral name, Harper has become a popular name in recent years. Its origin is simple. It really does mean a harp player. However, a baby girl named Harper doesn't necessarily have to play the stringed instrument to rock her name. 

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