Do You Tell Your Husband When You Take a Pregnancy Test?

pregnancy test I did a post recently about how soon you can take a pregnancy test and it turns out a lot of moms are taking them on the early side -- even before a missed period. But does the hubby always know?


An Anonymous trying to conceive mom posted in Answers about whether or not to tell her husband when she takes a pregnancy test (she was concerned about getting his hopes up) and asking other moms if they did. Here are a few of the responses.

"Not always -- sometimes I don't want him to have to share my disappointment. I usually do try to warn him that I think I might take one in the next week or so, so that he isn't shocked if I finally get the positive I'm hoping for."

"I always took the tests by myself. That way I'm not over-analyzing to DH! And then you can surprise him when it happens!"

"I would take the test, then just tell him if it's positive."

"No, I don't tell him. I've thought I was pregnant a dozen times!"

"I always take the tests alone. Grab a bunch at the Dollar Store and do it when you are emotionally ready, and then you'll have a great surprise for him when it comes up positive!"

What about you? If you're trying to conceive, do you tell your husband when you test?

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