20 Baby Girl Names That Start With the Letter A

Genny Glassman | Jan 27, 2020 Pregnancy
20 Baby Girl Names That Start With the Letter A
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There's just something about an A name that has really caught on in recent years. We don't know what it is, but parents seem to love A names! We can certainly see the appeal -- A names seem clean, solid, and strong -- plus an A name will guarantee that a child will always be first in line. Unlike other trends (think short names, pop culture names, or baby names with the letter X) a baby name that starts with the letter A will always be in style.  There are so many A names that are both classic, but feel new and modern. And there is tons of variety, too. Some names feel vintage, while other names seem more unusual and fresh. Which is why we've decided to compile a mega list of the 20 best girls' names that start with the letter A. Take a look at our list and let us know which names are the best!


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    We think that Angelica may have gotten a slightly bad rap due to its connection with the cartoon character Angelica Pickles from Rugrats. But Angelica is a name that really shouldn't be ignored. In fact, despite what one might think, Angelica is actually a name sent from the heavens. The name was taken from the vocabulary word angelic -- like an angel -- and was derived from the Latin word angelicus and the Greek angelikos, meaning "angelic." 


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    Abria has yet to become a baby name that tops the charts, but we think it has real potential. It follows two large trends that have been popular for the last couple of years -- short names and of course, A names -- which is why parents are bound to go nuts over it. Abria is a nice variation on similar names Aubrey or Alanna, but cute nicknames for Abria could be Abby, Bria, or even Bree.


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    While Addison is a name that is popular, parents have been searching for new interpretations of classic girl names. Enter Adyson, which has really become a huge hit. The name comes from a last name that has made its way to first name status. And originally it came from a Middle English name, Addisone, which means "son of Addy." Other variations worth trying are Addyson, Addisyn, or Addyson.

  • AMI

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    Another new take on a name that has always been stylish, Ami is cute and spunky. It sort of has a French vibe to it, but doesn't have too much of a flourish. Of course, Ami comes from the name Amy, which originally comes from the Middle English name Amye. Amye comes the Old French name Aimee, which means "beloved" a name derived from the verb aimer, which means "to love."


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    For *some reason* we think Alexa is going to hit it big as a baby name. That's right we think the Amazon Echo is going to lead the charge in baby names and we aren't afraid to say it! As a baby name, Alexa is a short form of the name Alexandra, which means "defender or helper of mankind," but is now more often given as a name all its own. Both were derived from the Greek, alexein, which means "to defend" or "to help."


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    Amani only recently become a top 1,000 baby name, entering the list in 2009 at No. 580 -- and it has remained on the list ever since. Amani is a name that can be used for boy or girls and comes from the Arabic word amāni, which means "desires" or "wishes" and amāni comes from is from the mana, which means "to desire." 


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    There is something cute about names that have the suffix -ette. To us it adds a feminine touch that sounds sweet and girly. Which should mean that it's no wonder that Arlette made it to the list. The origins of Arlette and the same as a similar sounding A name, Arlene, which is modeled after names like Darlene or Marlene. Other cute nicknames for the name are Ari or Letti.

  • ANNY

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    We promise that no one else will have this baby name -- or at least it won't be spelled in this unusual and adorable way. Anny is, of course, a variation in spelling of the name Annie. Either way, Anny is derived from the name Anne and Anna, which both mean "gracious" and "full of grace." In recent years, the name Annie has slipped in popularity, but we think that Anny is a new take that could revive the name.


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    A name that is out of this world, Astrid gives us a space vibe because of the similar sounding asteroid. But actually the name comes from an Old Norse name, Ássfriđr, which is a compound name that is composed of the elements áss, meaning "a god" and friđr, which means "beautiful" or "fair." In 2013, Astrid made its way onto the Baby Name Top 1,000 list and has slowly been making its way to the top.

  • AYVA

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    Short, sweet, simple, Ayva is an updated version of the name Ava. Now matter how it's spelled, Ayva is a name that's fun. Although the origin and meaning of the name is unclear, Ayva is thought to be the short form of the Germanic Aveza or Avia, although the meaning of these names is also unclear. Ava is a name that that is popular the world over, including New Zealand, Scotland, and Wales.


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    A warm name that will melt the snow, Aviva is a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air. This is probably because Aviva is a Hebrew name that means "springtime," which to us means that this name is all about renewal and rebirth. We like this name because it brings to mind flowers and all things green, but isn't too floral like Rose, Iris, or Poppy. Other variations of the name are Viv or Avi.


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    Light and airy, Avery is a name that is about to take flight! Avery is also the lyrical sister to similar names Ashley and Courtney. All of these names were at one point last names that made their way to first names and all of them were at one point boy's names that have since crossed over to be used for girls as well. Avery is a name that is also has steadily risen in popularity and is now a top 20 baby name.


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    Fans of Greek mythology will love this name and will recognize the origins of this name immediately. Attie is a version of the name Athēnē, which is an ancient name of unknown etymology. However, the name originated from the Greek goddess Athena who rules wisdom, skill, and warfare. Attie is another name that seems sweet, feminine, and cute and another variation is Athena.


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    Names that end with -lynn became a trend in 2019 and we think that's because it elevates the name to almost sound like it's two names smashed together. Ashlyn has been a popular name in the US for a while now and Ashlynn has started to bubble up in its own right. The name is derived from the Irish aisling, meaning "dream, vision, or daydream." Other variations are Ash, Lynn, Ashley, or Ashlin.


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    Of course, the first thing we think of with this baby name is the Disney Princess from The Little Mermaid. We can't help it, we just got Disney+. Outside of the water, Ariel has origins that have nothing to do with Prince Eric. It actually comes from a Hebrew name 'arī'ēl, which means "lion of God." And fun fact: in the Old Testament, the name is used as a symbolic name for the city of Jerusalem.


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    A name fit for a Southern belle, Arden is a sophisticated option for a baby girl. The name sounds clean and brings to mind make up company Elizabeth Arden. According to Nameberry, Arden has English origins and means "valley of the eagle." It's also the name of the magical forest in Shakespeare's play As You Like It. Perfect for either a little girl or a little boy, we think Arden should be on every baby name list.



    There's a good reason why April has always been a popular name -- it has some serious staying power! Many people choose the name because of the popularity of calendar names, but it actually has a history outside of what we already know about it. Derived from the Latin aprilis, which means "second" or "latter." Today we know April as the fourth month in the calendar year, but the ancient Roman calendar actually began with the month of March making  April the second month in their year.


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    Another name with a Southern tinge to it, Ansley has become a popular name over the years. Traditionally Ainsley (from which the name Ansley was borne) was a Scottish surname that was taken from a place in Scotland. Ainsley was originally derived from the name element Æne's or Ægen's and the Old English lēah, which means  "wood, clearing, or meadow, enclosure."

  • AIDY

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    Known for her tenure on SNL and her hit Hulu show Shrill, most people will think of actress Aidy Bryant when they see this name. But outside of this Hollywood connection, Aidy is an adorable name that should be rising up the baby name charts. Derived from the Old French for "helper, aide, or assistant" - aider, there are actually a few different ways to spell this name; Aidee, Adey, or Aide.


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    Aniyah is a modern name that only found its way to the baby name charts in the early 2000s. Ever since then it has slowly, but surely risen in popularity. In fact in 2010 it was the 177th most popular name in the US. Truthfully, we don't see that rise stopping any time soon given how popular A name have proven themselves to be. Another cute variations is Aniya and a sweet nickname is Ani.

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