20 Middle Name Trends for Baby Girls

Nicole Pomarico | Jan 24, 2020 Pregnancy
20 Middle Name Trends for Baby Girls
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Sometimes pregnancy can be a drag, but there are some parts that are actually a lot of fun -- designing the nursery, shopping for tiny clothes, and, of course, picking out baby names. Unfortunately, that last part can come with a little bit of pressure, because the name parents choose for their baby is something they're going to be stuck with for the rest of their lives. Although finding the right first name can be tough, finding a baby girl middle name can be even more of a challenge.

After all, middle names are no joke -- they might not be used as commonly (or at all) but it's important to choose one that pairs well with baby's first and last names. And who wants to accidentally give their kid initials that spell something weird? 

This is where the internet (and this list) come in. Thousands of baby name ideas exist, but for parents who are looking for something that's surging in popularity, there are also trending baby girl middle names that might just work. From less traditional names such as India to more classic yet still popular names such as Elizabeth, there's something here for every taste.

Read on for some of the trendiest middle names right now for baby girls. Picking out that name is a huge responsibility, but it's worth the extra effort. Good luck! 

  • Rose

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    This name is a timeless classic, and perfect for parents looking for a very feminine, floral-inspired middle name for their baby girl that will never go out of style. And as a bonus, it goes with almost every first name.

  • Violet

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    Whether mom and dad are thinking about the flower or the color, Violet is a unique (and currently very trendy) option as far as middle names go. It's unusual but still rising in popularity -- and it will add a little oomph to a more traditional first name.

  • Louise

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    Louise is one of those classic names that used to be a lot more popular for first names a long time ago -- but now that it's back, it's gaining popularity as a middle name. As a bonus, it also comes with a pretty strong meaning: "famous warrior." 

  • Jean 

    baby girl playing with toy

    Recently, Jean's been becoming more and more trendy as a middle name, and it has the advantage of being super traditional while not also being overused -- at least, not yet. Parents would be hard pressed to find a first name that doesn't sound good when paired with this one.

  • Elizabeth

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    Elizabeth is one of those names that will probably remain a popular middle name for baby girls forever, and it's easy to see why. It coordinates with any last name and first name combo, and no matter how trends change, it's always in style.

  • Joy

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    When thinking about a baby-to-be, happiness is one of those feelings that comes to mind, so why not choose a name that expresses that? Joy is super cute as a middle name, especially for parents who want to keep it short and sweet. 

  • Blue 

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    If the name Blue is good enough for Beyoncé, it's safe to say that it's good enough for everyone! Although it certainly picked up steam when Bey named her first daughter Blue Ivy, it's remaining a popular choice for a middle name. 

  • Justice 

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    A strong middle name with a strong, obvious meaning for a baby girl? Sign us up. Justice has become a more common choice for middle names in recent years, and it seems like its popularity isn't slowing down any time soon.

  • India 

    baby girl playing in leaves

    India is a beautiful name -- and when it's used as a middle name, it definitely adds a little something extra to baby's name as a whole. Names of places, like this one -- or Savannah or Brooklyn -- as baby names are getting more and more popular, and India is a unique twist on that trend.

  • Mercy

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    Mercy was a more popular name a long, long time ago, but it's coming back into style. And as a bonus, it has a pretty sweet meaning. It comes from English and means "compassion" or "forbearance."

  • June

    happy baby sitting on floor

    This is a perfect middle name for a baby girl who's born in June -- and even if she's not, it's still a totally adorable addition to almost any first name baby's parents have chosen. Any Handmaid's Tale fans out there? This one's for them!

  • Dot 

    baby sucking her thumb

    Dot -- which is often short for Dorothy -- was a much more popular name a couple of generations ago, but it's coming back into popularity. And using Dot all on its own? A super cute choice, especially for parents trying to keep things simple.

  • Alice

    smiling baby girl

    Alice is a classic, beautiful name, and although it's becoming more and more popular as a first name, it's also a trending middle name. It comes from German and means "noble," which isn't a bad virtue to instill in baby girl.

  • Briar 

    baby girl wearing hat

    This is such an adorable name -- and for Disney fans and fans of Sleeping Beauty, it's also a great nod to Briar Rose, aka Princess Aurora herself. Outside of pop culture, the name is still pretty darn adorable.

  • Bee 

    happy toddler playing outside

    Whether it's referring to the (sometimes) friendly little buzzing insect or not, Bee is a pretty adorable name, especially for parents who want to represent nature in their baby's name while also choosing something short and sweet.

  • Coco 

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    Coco first started to become more popular many years ago when Courteney Cox used it as her daughter's first name, but lately, it's starting to rise in the charts again, especially as a middle name. It's a pretty cute choice! 

  • Eleven 

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    Fan of Millie Bobby Brown's character in Stranger Things or just looking for a middle name that will be totally unique? Eleven is becoming more and more popular, thanks to the Netflix hit, and it will definitely be a conversation starter.

  • Pearl 

    baby girl in bath tub

    Looking for a feminine, old fashioned middle name for a baby girl? Pearl might be the winner -- and it's the perfect dainty addition to any first name. What could be better for a shiny, brand-new baby than a middle name like this one?

  • Elise 

    happy baby girl

    Lately, Elise has been becoming more and more popular, so why not as a middle name? The name comes from French and it's a version of Elizabeth, which means "God is my oath." Seems like a good choice for parents who like the longer name but are looking for something a bit shorter.

  • Kennedy

    baby girl with fuzzy hood

    In the '90s, Kennedy was a super trendy first name, and now, it's back -- but as a middle name instead. It's a beautiful, longer middle name that pairs well with a shorter first name, and might be especially significant for a family wanting to represent their Irish heritage.

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