20 Baby Names for Rebel Girls

Nicole Pomarico | Jan 23, 2020 Pregnancy
20 Baby Names for Rebel Girls
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Although some people come to the drawing board starting from scratch when they start looking for the right baby name, other parents have an idea of what they're looking for but no clue where to start. For example? Some moms and dads definitely want their future daughter to have a bit of a rebellious flair, and it's important to find the perfect baby girl name that goes along with their vision.

Looking for a baby name for a rebel girl? These ideas should help get parents started. Whether the names are inspired by a powerful lady in pop culture, a historical leader who changed the world, or simply just names that evoke meaning when it comes to strong, rebellious women, the perfect name for baby-to-be could be on this list.

  • Diana

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    When it comes to rebel baby names, it's hard to top the name Diana. Of course, it refers to the Roman goddess of the same name, but it also represents Diana Prince -- aka Wonder Woman -- and we can't forget the late much-admired Princess Diana. Can't get more rebel than that!

  • Alexandra

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    The name Alexandra comes from Greek and means "defending men," so it's the perfect name for a little girl who refuses to fit gender norms. It also comes built-in with the super cute nickname Alex. This little lady can grow up with a strong name and learn to be a defender of all people -- what more could parents want?

  • Rebel

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    The best name for a rebel baby girl could also be the most obvious: Rebel. It's a cute, unusual name that means exactly what it sounds like -- and being named after the talented comedian and actress Rebel Wilson is just a bonus. Another plus? It's not a super common name (although definitely not on any of the least popular lists) so your baby is likely to be the only Rebel on the playground.

  • Cassandra 

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    Cassandra is a name that goes all the way back to mythology -- she was the daughter of King Priam who predicted the fall of Troy (even though no one listened to her). The name means "unheeded prophetess," appropriately enough. Fun nicknames include Cassie and Cass if you want the option of a more vintage-sounding name.

  • Hera 

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    When we think of the name Hera, we immediately think of a strong woman -- and that's who this name represents. The name means "queen," coming from the Greek goddess Hera, who was married to Zeus and was known as the goddess of marriage and love. As we all should know by now, behind every powerful man stands an even more powerful woman.

  • Leia

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    It's impossible to think of awesome female rebels without thinking of Leia from Star Wars -- after all, she was the woman leading the rebellion, wasn't she? This is a perfect name for fans of the franchise who also hope their baby grows up to embody a little bit of what General Organa represented.

  • Carol 

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    Why not take another cue from pop culture's greatest female rebels? Here we have Carol -- aka the name of the rebellious Captain Marvel and arguably the most powerful Marvel superhero in the canon. Hey, it's not every day we get superhero movies starring females, and this one was a pretty inspiring one.

  • Meghan

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    Here, we have a royal rebel who's a little less royal than she was earlier this year. Now that she and Prince Harry have left their senior royal positions behind, we'd say that definitely qualifies Meghan Markle as a trailblazer and a rebel, so why not name baby after her? We also love the less common spelling of this name, ensuring true one-of-a-kind status.

  • Amelia

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    Thinking about rebels leads us to thinking about important rebels in history, and that includes Amelia Earhart. Female pilots were pretty much unheard of, but Amelia didn't let that stop her, and in the process, she ended up making history. 

  • Joan 

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    Another historical female rebel? Joan of Arc, of course. She's known as a hero in France for her participation in the Hundred Years War, and giving a baby girl her name would start her off with a strong role model to look up to as she grows. Let's just forget the whole getting burned at the stake bit. 

  • Susan 

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    It's impossible to think about female rebels through time without Susan B. Anthony coming to mind. She helped lead the women's rights movement, despite how turbulent the situation was at the time (and still is today, honestly). Susan is a classic name with a powerful namesake that's sure to not be forgotten anytime soon.

  • Ruth 

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    Another famous rebel? Ruth Bader Ginsburg, of course -- the female Supreme Court justice who refuses to back down from a challenge. It's also a classic Biblical name referring to one of the very few females with her own book in the Bible, Ruth. Not only is Ruth a very classic name, but it's another that might promote a little rebellion in a baby girl.

  • Josephine 

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    The Little Women hype is real, and it's all thanks to a character named Josephine -- though many of us just know her as Jo March. Despite the expectation to get married and raise children, Jo fought for more in her life, and whether parents go with Josephine or Jo, they're getting a strong name for their daughter.

  • Harriet 

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    We can probably all agree that Harriet Tubman is one of history's most notable rebels -- and she's fully worthy of being baby's namesake. Her life and her work with the Underground Railroad changed America and the world forever, after all -- and she did it all at great personal cost.

  • Arya 

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    Kicking it back to pop culture, this name is perfect for parents who are looking for a rebellious name for their daughter and who also happen to be Game of Thrones fans. Arya (after Arya Stark, obviously) is a fitting choice, and it's a very pretty name.

  • Eleanor 

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    Not only does the name Eleanor make us think about Eleanor Roosevelt -- the first lady who also fought for human rights -- but the meaning of her name is also pretty cool too. It comes from Greek and means "bright, shining one."

  • Miriam 

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    This name may have fallen out of popularity in more recent years, but it's still a solid name -- and for a rebel baby girl, its meaning is pretty perfect. In fact, Miriam, which comes from Hebrew, actually means "rebellion."

  • Bridget 

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    Bridget is another less popular name that comes with a lot of meaning. The name comes from Gaelic and is derived from a word that means "power, strength, vigor, virtue," and those are basically all the qualities we'd hope a rebel baby girl would have.

  • Katniss 

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    The name Katniss definitely had a spike in popularity when The Hunger Games was popular, but as far as rebellious names go, this one is pretty solid. She survived the games more than once and helped spark a rebellion? Yep, Katniss definitely qualifies as the name of a rebel. 

  • Hermione 

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    And finally, one more from pop culture -- this time, from the Harry Potter universe. We can all agree that Hermione Granger was a pretty fearless rebel, wasn't she? And the name, although less common, will definitely let people know what they're in for.

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