20 of the Least Popular Baby Names of 2019

Kathleen Wong | Jan 23, 2020 Pregnancy
20 of the Least Popular Baby Names of 2019

Each year, baby name popularity waxes and wanes, meaning the list of the most and least desired baby names constantly changes. Oftentimes, pop culture and other events of that year influence the trends -- and boy, was 2019 a doozy.

As a result, some -- ahem -- interesting names surfaced. At the end of last year, Parents.com released its list of the least popular names, as in only a small handful of parents chose them for their little ones. From Cub to Xxayvier (yes, that's a real name on the list), these names are far from conventional and are most definitely unique. However, we're not sure they're going to join us in 2020. Read on to see the 20 least popular names in 2019.

  • Shy

    baby girl

    Naming a baby girl Shy might result in either a self-fulfilling prophecy or total irony. Either way, it's not that hard to figure out why parents are shying away from this name (see what we did there?) Only go this route if you're prepared to never hear the end of it from your daughter for the rest of your life.

  • Cub

    mother and baby

    Sure, Cub is cute for a baby -- or, better yet, a baby bear -- but we're not sure how the name will sound when your child becomes a grown adult. It's a little too much like calling a grown man Skip or Ollie. So unless you're 100% sure your child is going to grow up to be an entertainer or professional sports player, maybe keep this name for the new puppy.

  • Danger

    baby boy

    This name is Danger...ously not great. Sorry, we had to. But in all seriousness, maybe think twice about naming your son Danger. Do it for your son's future dating life. How could someone's parent take him seriously? If you really can't help yourself, we're begging you to consider using it as a middle name instead.

  • Chardonnay


    Yes, chardonnay is delicious, but even the most wine-loving moms should reconsider letting this name going near their baby. As a general rule of thumb, baby names related to alcohol generally end up on the "least popular" lists. So leave the chardonnay for the bottle, not the birth certificate.

  • Xxayvier


    It's pretty cool to see the letter X get some extra love, but we're pretty sure everyone who will have to spell his name in the future -- including himself -- will appreciate the typical spelling of Xavier. Xxayvier just has too many extra letters.  And, frankly, doesn't make much sense. Don't fix what ain't broken.

  • Vegas

    baby girl and mom

    Unless you have a very big fondness for the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas, maybe stay away from the name Vegas? It only brings to mind images of neon signs, gambling, showgirls and all-you-can-eat buffets. Use it to refer only to the city, not the baby. As they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas -- including the name. 

  • Pinches

    baby boy and mom
    FG Trade/iStock

    Apparently, seven sets of parents decided to name their son Pinches. We just wonder what inspired them to do so. And, honestly, can't believe that there were SEVEN couples that chose this baby name route. Maybe the name is better suited for a pet.

  • Any

    mother and baby

    We imagine a lifetime of people mistaking her name for Amy here. Now imagine it paired with a last name. Any Smith. Any Wood. Any Last Name. You get the gist, right? Basically, they could have chosen any (get it?) other name -- and should have.

  • Manson

    father and son

    On its own, Manson is a handsome name. Unfortunately, the notorious cult leader/serial killing orderer Charles Manson may have ruined the otherwise nice name. And let's not forget the other Manson -- Marilyn Manson -- who perhaps you're a huge fan of, or totally repulsed by. Either way, it's probably best to stay away from this one.

  • Pansy

    grandfather and baby girl
    Linda Raymond/iStock

    Although definitely a pretty flower, the name Pansy used to be a not-so-nice slur. To be safe, we would advise parents to find something else. There are a million other gorgeous flower names out there, so why settle for the worst of the bunch?

  • Stylez

    baby boy

    Stylez doesn't have much style, to be honest. The whole end-a-name-with-a-z trend is so over (if it ever even got started.) It's also not very original. Maybe head back to the drawing board on this one. 

  • Kingmessiah

    baby boy

    Holy moly, talk about a lot of live up to. This name appears to be a combination of King and Messiah, which are cool names -- but separately, not together. Try to choose just one! There's always a middle name.

  • Axis

    baby boy

    While the very similar name Axel has been jumping up the baby name charts, Axis has had the opposite luck. And unless your son grows up liking graphs and charts, he probably won't appreciate being named Axis. But who knows? Maybe he'll become a statistician. 

  • Yugo

    baby boy

    Short and simple, Yugo didn't get much love last year. According to The Meaning of the Name, Yugo can be traced back to Japan. Perhaps try the more popular, yet very similar, Hugo instead.

  • Cyncere

    baby girl

    This name is supposed to be a play on the word sincere but comes off like the name of a Greek tragedy. Parents who are into the name Sincere should consider keeping the traditional spelling for the sake of her future.

  • Blaykelee

    baby girl

    This name is going to guarantee a lifetime of people asking, "Um, how is that spelled?" This name has too many unnecessary e's, among other things. Sometimes the original is really the best version. There no need to reinvent the wheel in this case. 

  • Mattel

    baby boy

    Any name that is basically the name of a large well-recognized company is going to be a no-go for more parents. Since this name hit the list of least popular baby names of 2019, we assume that there aren't many fans of Barbie left out there. Interestingly enough, Barbie wasn't on the list. 

  • Cletus

    baby boy

    According to Nameberry, the name Cletus is short for the Catholic Pope name Anacletus and means "called forth" in Greek. However, we're not sure how this name holds up in modern times. And the fact that it rhymes with the word "fetus" is probably also a turn-off for lots of parents. 

  • Starlett

    baby girl

    Is this name going to guarantee a starlet? We're not so sure. According to the Baby Center, the name Starlett has actually been plummeting since 2018, so this star appears to be in a major freefall. Try the similar-sounding Scarlett instead if this is a sound you really can't live without. 

  • Khaleesi

    baby girl

    This name surged in popularity thanks to Game of Thrones, however, it might have fallen out of favor because of the series' last season where the Mother of Dragons basically lost her mind and burned everything and everyone to a fiery crisp and thereby relinquished her heroine status. Sorry, GOT fans.

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