20 Perfect Boy Middle Names

Genny Glassman | Jan 16, 2020 Pregnancy
20 Perfect Boy Middle Names
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Picking a good middle name for a baby can be difficult. It has to flow easily after a first name and can't trip the tongue up before the last one. But recently we've noticed that middle names for boys have circled away from typical first names -- like John, Jack, or Sam -- and now adventurous parents are looking towards other places for baby name inspiration. Nameberry looked at the data and determined that more often than not, parents were looking at things like family names, occupational names, and even animals to draw their middle name inspiration from. The site's research found that single-syllable names are also popular, as are names taken from important figures (or "hero" names).  So take a look at the 20 boys' middle names that we think perfectly embody what parents are looking for right now.

  • BECK

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    Beck is one of those single-syllable names that are very trendy right now. Nameberry states that the name is English in origin and means "one living beside a small stream." Originally Beck was a shortened form of the female name Becky, but later became a boy's name. Not convinced ? Just think about the musician with the name.


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    In recent years, family names have made the move to first names more and more frequently. But the trend of using a surname as a middle name has been around forever. It's a quick fix if parents are avoiding a hyphenated last name or if they want to honor a member of the family who has passed. Nameberry states that Crosby is an Irish name that means "village with crosses."


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    Names taken from occupations have been trending in recent years. Drummer is a great name for unconventional parents who are a little rock and roll and like to be adventurous. Of course, Drummer might not be the middle name for everyone, but for parents who are musically minded, it's a good fit.


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    Names that evoke a sense of adventure will also be big in 2020 and Safari is a name that has been on the rise in recent years. The name has African origins and comes from Swahili. It also means "journey" and we think that Safari could scratch any parent's thrill-seeking itch.


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    More and more, parents are looking for ways to honor important historical figures with their baby names -- just think about all the little Bowies and Jaggers running around-- which is why a literary name like Angelou (taken from famed writer Maya Angelou who died in 2014) might be a good pick. 

  • WIT

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    Back in the day, names based on virtues sounded like Grace, Chastity, and Faith. But today names based on virtues sound a little different. We'd all like to be known as being full of Wit, right? Which is why we like this as a great middle name. The name comes from Latin or Italian and means "alive" or "life."

  • ODE

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    Creative parents have been somewhat slighted in the past. Names taken from the arts never took off. But now, parents are looking at middle names to use names that come from music, literature, or art and Ode is a sweet way to mark a child who is destined to grow and create.

  • HAWK

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    Animal names have always been popular nicknames, but now they've made their way into middle names too. Hawk is a great name for parents who enjoy the fresh air and a day spent trekking through the woods. Or perhaps it's a good name for parents who love native American wildlife.


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    Names taken from faith and religion aren't a new fad, but the names that parents are using now are taken from other spiritual practices and sources. Sabbath is meant to be the day of rest given to humans from God, but if one wants to go the less religious route Black Sabbath was a pretty rockin' band in the '70s.


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    A name with Sanskrit origins, Bodhi is another spiritual name that has become very, very popular in recent years. The name means "awakening" or "enlightenment" and the idea of Bodhi relates to the concept of Nirvana and being free from hate, greed, or ego. The Bodhi is the fig tree that the Buddha sat under to achieve enlightenment.

  • NASH

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    Another single-syllable name that has a sporty sound to it, we think Nash would be great sandwiched between a long first and last name. The name originated in England and means "by the ash tree," Nameberry states. And is similar to other trendy names like Cash, Ash, or Dash.

  • QUAY

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    Pronounced like "Key," Quay is another short and sweet middle name that should be on everyone's baby name list. Meaning "wharf,"  Quay would be a good choice for parents who love the water. We also would say that this is a great name for nature lovers. 

  • KANE

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    Another surname that has made the move to the middle, Kane is bound to be a top middle name pick this year. There are many communities that can claim to be the spot where Kane originated -- some believe it to be a Celtic name, while others say it came from the biblical figure Cain. Either way, the popular name meaning "warrior" is a great fit with tons of boy names.


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    Thrill-seeking moms and dads might not be convinced that the name Canyon is for them, but think about it -- it evokes the great outdoors, but also sounds like a trendier name, Camron. Mostly, we think Canyon is a name for a brave little one unafraid to tackle big challenges or take on the big wide world.

  • SOLO

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    Geeky parents will immediately know whey this name is on this list. Yep, it's a Star Wars reference. Han Solo was one of the main protagonists in the original Star Wars trilogy and the recent prequels have reignited interest in the franchise. Solo was even the name of one recent movie.

  • FOX

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    A crisp fall day, leaves on the ground, and of course, a fox darts out in front of us. That is what we think about when we hear this middle name. It just feels like autumn to us and perhaps would be a good pick for a baby born in September, October, or November. Of course, animal loving parents might like this name, too.


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    Another religious name, Cross would sound good right smack dab in the middle. Taken from the Christian religious symbol, Cross is a nice way to use a spiritual name that doesn't too common. It's also a straightforward name that sounds clean -- which are traits that many parents value more and more.


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    Mythological names whether from Greek, Roman, or Norse mythology have been a source of baby name inspiration for many years. And in the case of the name Jupiter, it's a Roman mythological name that just so happens to be the name of the largest, and ninth, planet in our solar system.

  • LANE

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    Stately and elegant, Lane has English origins and means "a small roadway or path." But we take that to mean that Lane could be straightforward and clear-thinking or full of twists or turns. Parents might not know what they're going to get! All we know is Lane is a short-syllable name that should be used more often.


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    A literary name, many parents have already chosen Booker as their boy's middle name. But there's good reason why! Nameberry states that the name comes from England and was originally a last name that meant "scribe." The name is also a twofer; it's an occupational name and the name of an American hero, Booker T. Washington.

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