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Parents who want a baby name that has a true sense of Americana might go straight to names like Sam or Stacey, but that would be a mistake. For names that are beautiful and meaningful to this country, they should go back even farther, before the days of John Wayne, Westerns, and baseball to the original inhibitors of this land -- the Native Americans. 

Native names evoke the landscape and wildlife of the American land and have actually been more influential to American art, music, and commerce than most Americans realize. Take the famous city of coffee, Seattle. Yep, the name of one of the most influential cities in the US is in fact a Native American name.  With the help of Powwows.com, we decided to compile 20 Native American baby names that parents from all backgrounds need to know ASAP!


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    According to Powwows.com, Halona is a girls' name meaning "good fortune" -- and we can totally see the good vibes coming off this baby name. The name is from the Iroquois tribe and we think it's a great variation for parents who want a similar sound as the name Helena. Cute nicknames are Lona, Halonie, and Hona. 

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    Bidzill has that strong z sound that makes it so distinct. Sure, this name isn't everywhere, but we like that. It means that when we use the Navajo name for our kids, it will feel that much more distinct. And with a meaning of "he is strong,” and we can totally see that.


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    For parents who like names that have a sense of the moon and stars, Nokomis might be a good pick. The name comes from the Chippewa tribe and is a girls' name that we really like as a variation on a name like Naomi. Powwows.com reports that the name means "grandmother or daughter of the moon.”


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    This is a name for a powerful little guy, we can just feel it. Which is why we're really digging the boy's name Cochise. The name means “renowned warrior chief of the Chiricahua Apache.” Which is why it would be so special for any little baby to receive it. Strong little Cochise!


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    One might be able to tell the meaning of this Native American girls' name just by sight and sound, but just in case it's still a mystery the name Shysie means "silent little one,” Powwows.com states. How cute! To us, being shy isn't a bad thing -- we think quiet kids sometimes get a bad rap. So rock on little Shysie! -- quietly.  


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    Dasan is a name that we think could really catch on in the wonderful world of baby names. We could totally see it at the top of a yearly baby name list! Think about it, Dasan sounds clean, strong, and is uniquely masculine. And we love the meaning of "chief." How fitting!


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    This girls' name isn't too common to most Americans, but we think that could easily change. Olathe means "beautiful," and we can see why. Olathe is a good name for a daughter who is instilled with a sense of her self and her value. We'd like to think it's a good name to instill confidence.

  • JACY

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    While this name may not be common, it is popular with Native Americans. Think of it like the Native American version of Jason or Josh -- popular, clean-sounding, youthful, strong, and masculine. Jacy is a common boys' name that means "the moon."


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    Another name for parents who like names that come from the stars and planets, Mitena would even be a good pick for parents who are looking for science-y names. The name actually means "new moon or coming moon" Powwows.com reports, and evokes the waxing and waning moon.


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    We like Kosumi -- or we can only assume we'd like any boy with this name. The name has a great sound to it and it gives us a strong sense of being outdoors: fires, gurgling streams, and the fresh air. Powwows.com explained that this boys' name is unusual and means "fishes for salmon with spear." 


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    Tallulah originated as a Choctaw tribe name that means "jumping water." The name entered pop culture in the early 1900s when actress Tallulah Bankhead rose to popularity. Since Bankhead, many celebrities have used the name for their daughters, including Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter.


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    Nayati is another Native American that is great for a rough and tumble little guy. Powwows.com explained the name means “he who wrestles.” Although we suppose that instead of actual wrestling the name could refer to he who wrestles with the big life questions. In which case, we'd say this is the perfect name for a little philosopher.


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    Istas is a good name for parents who are expecting during the frigid days of winter. In fact, a January or February due date might be the perfect fit for a baby with this name. Powwows.com states that the girls' name means "snow" and would be a warm spot on any bitter cold night.


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    What a sight for sore eyes! A Native American name that works for both boys and girls, Abedabun is a cute unisex name that we think should be more popular. The name comes from the Cheyanne tribe and means "sight of day." Which could be a beautiful testament to a brand new baby.

  • WAPI

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    Just like a four-leaf clover, this name is meant for a boy born under a lucky star sign because Wapi is all about good fortune. Powwows.com reports the name means "lucky," (naturally) and we'd argue that this is a good option for parents who are looking for a name that is short and very, very sweet.


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    Water babies -- or heck, babies born under water signs, or future Michael Phelpses -- will appreciate the next name on our list. Tahoma is a Native American name that Powwows.com explains means “giver of the water.” We like that this can be so meaningful to any parent who values going with the flow.


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    Aiyana will be big with parents who are already like similar names like Ayanna or Aliyah, but want a fresh take on the trend of names that start with the letter A. Powwows.com reports that the name means “forever flowering.” Which to us seems like a beautiful sentiment for a little girl's name.


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    We know, we know. Parents are familiar with the name Seattle. Although most people are probably unaware that before it was a city in Washington, Seattle was a pretty great Native American boys' name. Powwows.com reports that the name fittingly means "man of high status.” 


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    Another name that will be familiar to most people, before Dakota was the name of two American states (North and South) it was also a popular Native American baby name for both boys and girls. We can see why it's so popular. Powwows.com reports that the name means “friend.”


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    Makawee is a name that comes from the Sioux tribe and has an extra-special meaning. According to Powwows.com, the name means “Generous, abundant, freely giving and motherly” which would be an incredible set of characteristics to instill in a child and at least to us, is a huge compliment.

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