Pregnant Woman Gets Real About the 'Happy Ending' Her OB Accidentally Gave Her


pelvic exam

Pregnancy changes your body in all sorts of surprising ways. But for some women, the biggest surprise is that they get a wee bit more sensitive down there. (OK, make that a LOTTA bit sensitive for some.) As you can imagine, sometimes that heightened stimulation is a gift -- such as when you're looking for a little alone time with your partner. But other times? Not so much -- like when you're in the middle of an exam at your OBGYN. (Hooboy!) Apparently, the latter is exactly what happened to one mom-to-be, who shared her embarrassingly pleasurable pelvic exam story on Reddit.

  • Ever since she got pregnant, the poster shared that these newfound pregnancy changes have actually been a perk.

    But her perspective changed a few weeks ago, when she went to her OB's office for a routine exam -- and things got AWKWARD fast.

    "I have had a few complications during my pregnancy, so my OB wanted to do a quick pelvic exam," she explained in the now-deleted post.

    The only problem is that her doctor is "straight-up gorgeous," the mom shared, describing her as "tall, slender, beautiful smile, long legs, the whole deal." 

    "And while I generally identify as a heterosexual, this women could definitely make me reconsider that (especially with all these crazy pregnancy hormones)," the mom-to-be continued. "This fact makes the whole experience a lot more horrifying."

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  • "I get on the table, feet in stirrups, and my OB lubes up her hands and inserts two fingers and begins the exam," she continued.

    But that's when things started to feel ... tingly. And kind of ... amazing?

    "I knew it was going to happen," the poster wrote. "I tried to suppress it. I tried to will it not to happen. But as she's pressing around, I very obviously had an orgasm. 

    And not just any 'ole orgasm -- the BIG kind. "Moaning, shaking legs, and all," she recalled.

    OH. MY. GOD.

    "I just about died from embarrassment on the table," she wrote. "I considered honorable suicide via speculum."

    Of course, the poster's doctor was a professional about the whole thing and reassured her that it was normal to be more sensitive during pregnancy. She even told her that "this happens all the time." (Although the poster noted that she "highly doubts that.")

    Even still, there was an "uncomfortable tension in the room" after the big O was released. Which leads the poster to a new quandy: How in the world is she going to look her doctor in the eye ever again?

    "With only a month left in my pregnancy, I have no choice but to keep seeing her," she wrote. "And know that she knows what my orgasm face looks like."

  • Luckily, the OP wasn't alone. Some people wrote in and assured her that this actually has happened to other people.

    "I guarantee you your OB has seen that before," one commenter wrote. "A good rule of thumb is that unless its something wildly inconceivable your doctor has seen it before."

    "You’re fine," added another. "It actually does happen more often than one would think. OBGYNs have dealt with this and faaaaar worse. You’ll be great."

    Another person shared a friend's experience, which kind of blew us away: "A friend of mine in high school had her first orgasm at the OB and farted super hard when it happened," they wrote. "She said it smelled horrible too. She changed doctors after that."

    Yikes. Yep -- that'll do it.

  • But plenty of other people were pretty mortified on the poster's behalf.

    "I'm turning red for you," one commenter wrote. "Kudos to your doctor for not making it as awkward as it could have been."

    "That's it. Never getting pregnant," a second person said. "Lol I'm sorry that happened to you but at least everything is ok."

    "I’m totally jealous of the sensitivity, but not the moment it happened," a third person commented. "I died on the inside for you! I would mentally prepare yourself for being sensitive during birth. Lol"

    Obviously, the situation is not ideal, but at least one commenter was able to offer a little bit of perspective.

    "Don’t worry," they reassured. "You’re gonna crap on her during delivery, so this will not be the most embarrassing thing ever."

    So there, OP -- something to look forward to!