20 Baby Names for Parents Obsessed With Astrology

Jess Richardson | Nov 11, 2019 Pregnancy
20 Baby Names for Parents Obsessed With Astrology
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20 Baby Names for Parents Obsessed With Astrology

When it comes to selecting a baby name, there are as many options for us to choose among as there are stars in the sky ... so why not consider those stars when considering a name for a baby on the way? For parents who are obsessed with astrology, we think the star signs can have some impact on how we choose to name a kid. Some may want to name a baby directly after the astrological sign they will be born under -- which is clearly a better fit for a "Leo" than it is a "Cancer" -- while others may want to consider other, more subtle ways in which the baby's star sign -- or the concept of astrology in general -- can play into their naming. Whether we consider the zodiac symbol for the star sign, individual stars that make up the constellation associated with their sign, or a more oblique reference, we think this is a great starting point for naming.

And for anyone who is really into astrology, we know that an astrology-related baby name is just the tip of the iceberg. For anyone on the gift list this year who deserves a fitting present and believes in the power of their star sign, check out some gifts for people who are obsessed with astrology. These are all really cool items, and a lot of them are on the more subtle end of things, so they're only clearly astrological to those who are really in the know. For something more permanent, of course, there are also zodiac tattoos. We think some tattoos are just so incredibly beautiful. And for anyone who's looking for other celestial inspiration for their baby naming process, consider these baby names inspired by the moon. Anyone who's ever looked at a map of the moon before knows that the moon's features have some absolutely remarkable names, and they inspired many of the names on this list. 

  • Aries: Baran

    Aries: Baran

    The zodiac symbol for Aries is the ram, and so we love the Eastern European name "Baran," short for Bárány, for a baby Aries boy. This name, which literally means "ram," incorporates our love of astrology in the baby's name  -- while being subtle.

  • Aries: Aries

    Aries: Aries

    Subtlety can be overrated. Unlike some star signs (looking at Sagittarius and Cancer right now), Aries, would make a great baby name for a baby -- especially a baby boy. This is also the name of the Roman god of war.

  • Taurus: Maia

    Taurus: Maia

    A star in the constellation of Taurus, Maia is a girls' name that is traditionally Greek, and means "mother." In Greek mythology, Maia was the daughter of Atlas and the mother of Hermes, and her name is where we get the month of May from.  

  • Taurus: Ferdinand

    Taurus: Ferdinand

    The zodiac symbol for Taurus is the bull, and what bull do we love more than the classic boys' name, Ferdinand, the gentle bull in the classic story by American author Munro Leaf? A Germanic name, it means "peace" and "protection," which feels fitting. 

  • Gemini: Viola

    Gemini: Viola

    Gemini is the sign of the twins, and what better twins in history are there than the protagonists of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night? A young woman of Messaline, Viola is a clever, resourceful, beautiful, and intelligent character. 

  • Gemini: Sebastian

    Gemini: Sebastian

    Initially, we are led to believe that Viola's twin brother, Sebastian, has been lost at sea. However, he was rescued by Antonio, a sea captain. Everyone loves Sebastian, who is perhaps a bit self-absorbed but ultimately a great person. 

  • Cancer: Daria

    Cancer: Daria

    Cancer is a water sign, the second of three in the zodiac. When it comes to water signs, a name that reflects their love of water and the sea is always a good idea. Daria is a girls' name that means "the sea," and is traditionally both Russian and Persian.

  • Cancer: Luna

    Cancer: Luna

    While the other zodiac signs have a ruling planet, Cancer is ruled by the moon. Luna means "moon" in Latin, and it's a beautiful name for a baby girl, we think. A variation on this is Lunette.

  • Leo: Leonardo

    Leo: Leonardo

    Yes, it may be a little on the nose, but we just love the name Leonardo, with Leo used as a nickname, for a baby boy. The name Leonardo is of Spanish origin, meaning literally "brave lion." We think it's handsome. 

  • Leo: Selene

    Leo: Selene

    While the name Selene is connected to brightness and the moon, she is also a character in Greek mythology, who in some accounts is the mother of the Nemean lion. This name is so unusual, and think that the name Selene -- as well as its heritage -- is beautiful. 

  • Virgo: Astria

    Virgo: Astria

    The symbol of the maiden is based on the legend of Astraea in Greek mythology. In the legend, when she returns to the Earth, she will bring with her a Golden Age, where gods live among the mortals. We think the modern spelling "Astria" is easier, but this classic name is still a lovely one. 

  • Libra: Venus

    Libra: Venus

    The ruling planet of Libra is Venus, which we think is a really cool baby girls' name. Aside from being the name of the Roman goddess of love -- she's the Greek equivalent of Aphrodite -- Venus Williams may be overshadowed by her sister a touch, but she is still a seven-time Grand Slam title winner and among the world's top athletes. 

  • Scorpio: Jordan

    Scorpio: Jordan

    Scorpio is a water sign, so naming a baby of either gender Jordan, which means "to flow down, descend," and refers to the river Jordan is a lovely idea for blending a Judeo-Christian tradition with an astrological one -- and may appease an older generation that way. 

  • Sagittarius: Ascella

    Sagittarius: Ascella

    The constellation Sagittarius is filled with several stars with cool names, including Nunki, the oldest named star in the night sky, and Ascella, which we think sounds very pretty and is the brightest star in the whole constellation.  

  • Capricorn: Giles

    Capricorn: Giles

    Not just for fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the name Giles literally means "young goat" in Greek. We can't think of a better name for a baby boy born under Capricorn, the horned goat, often depicted as having the body of a fish. 

  • Aquarius: Zephyr

    Aquarius: Zephyr

    We think the name "Zephyr," which means "the west wind," is an impossibly cool one. An air sign known for being independent and unconventional, it's a bold choice for a baby boy's name, but a really neat one -- and thematically perfect.

  • Pisces: Finley

    Pisces: Finley

    The Zodiac symbol for Pisces is a pair of fish, and so we think Finley -- nicknamed "Fin" -- would be such a cute name for a baby born under this sign. While the name itself means "fair warrior," the name "Fin" clearly calls fish to mind.

  • Estelle


    For Zodiac lovers whose baby is being born on a cusp or who don't want their child's name tied directly to their star sign, we love the name Estelle, a French girls' name of Latin origin, deriving from the word for simply "star."

  • Celeste


    Like Estelle, Celeste is a beautiful French girls' name derived from the Latin. Meaning "heavenly," this refers to the heavens in the sky, not the concept of an afterlife. It's a great name for parents to consider who want to reference the stars.

  • Skye


    A gender neutral name meaning "adventurous," it can be a reference to the Isle of Skye in Scotland, or simply an alternate spelling honoring the sky itself. We think this is a fitting choice for a baby whose parents love astrology.  

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