20 Marvelous Marvel-Inspired Baby Girl Names

Joe Osborne | Nov 8, 2019 Pregnancy
20 Marvelous Marvel-Inspired Baby Girl Names
Image: Marvel Comics

Marvel baby girl names
Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics produced some of the most exciting, fantastical, and inspiring stories the world had ever seen decades before their words and panels were adapted for the screen. Once those stories made it to the world of film, however, Marvel fever had broken out and has not stopped spreading since.

Of course, these films and TV shows have gotten much better over time at highlighting the myriad female characters created for the page and even elevating them to franchise-leading levels of popularity and importance. With that, women have grown to enjoy Marvel films and comics as much as men have, with representation only growing.

As such, fans of Marvel have been inspired to name their little girls after the strong and independent, super-powered women featured in those books and films. Luckily, there are way more to choose from than one might expect.

Marvel names are especially cool for young girls because the female characters are so multifaceted. Though none of them is perfect (but really, who is) each has a strong sense of self, possess incredible compassion, and isn't afraid to stand up for what's right. Heck, even the female villains are something to be awe-inspired by. 

From the more commonplace names with a hidden meaning or inspiration to the names unmistakably inspired by a super-heroine, we’ve collected what we think are the top 20 baby girl names inspired by female characters in Marvel Comics. Just remember: Naming a little lady after a Marvel character is no guarantee that she’ll develop superpowers -- sorry.

  • Wanda

    Marvel Comics

    We think that Wanda is a rare enough name to make people think Scarlet Witch, one of the most interesting and powerful mutants of the X-Men universe. Her telepathic and reality-bending powers are truly remarkable and fun to watch, and Wanda is an interesting and unique name to boot.

  • Namora

    Marvel Comics

    Most folks might not know of this Marvel character, as she’s both one of the oldest in the comic label’s history, dating back to 1947, and has not been featured in Marvel’s modern films -- yet. She’s a partner of Sub-Mariner Namor, and was once a queen of Atlantis in the comics. Also, Namora is a beautiful name.

  • Alianova

    Marvel Comics

    We could have just gone with Natasha for this pick, but admittedly that name is a bit too common for anyone to ask about or recognize who inspired it. It’s an intriguing one, no doubt, and we all know of Natalia Alianova Romanova, the Russian super spy-turned-hero Black Widow’s exploits from the Avengers films.

  • Gamora

    Marvel Comics

    Anyone who has seen Guardians of the Galaxy or the two final Avengers movies knows full well who Gamora is. She’s one of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe and the adopted daughter of the series’ main villain, Thanos. Not only is it an incredible name, but a strong one too.

  • Miriam

    Marvel Comics

    This one is a little less obvious, but Miriam is a beautiful name, in our opinion. This is actually the middle name of Jessica Miriam Drew, aka Spider-Woman. This counterpart to Spider-Man actually has a far more interesting origin story and set of powers and gadgets, so it’s about time we see her on the big screen. But why wait? A girl could be named after her now -- before it's cool.

  • Ororo

    Marvel Comics

    Ororo is a unique and unmistakable name, though many won’t know immediately that it belongs to Storm, another of the most powerful X-Men. She’s been featured in films via excellent performances by Halle Berry and most recently Alexandra Shipp, which have shown off her incredible weather-warping powers to great effect.

  • Sif

    Marvel Comics

    For the eagle-eyed fans of Thor out there, one of his best friends and partners on the battlefield has been Sif, portrayed in movies by Jaimie Alexander. She’s naturally based off the Norse goddess of the same name, and enjoys a lot of the same abilities that Thor does -- aside from the thunder and lightning stuff. Also, how cool of a name is that?

  • Sable

    Marvel Comics

    This character is actually named Silver Sablinova, but we found both of those names to be either too on the nose or just a little too out there. Silver Sable is a mercenary and bounty hunter who first appeared in the pages of Spider-Man, and is generally an ally of his. Plus, Sable is just a gorgeous girl’s name.

  • Jean

    Marvel Comics

    We don’t see many “Jeans” around these days, and there is none more iconic than Jean Grey, the ultimate telepath of the X-Men universe. She’s seen plenty of iconic action on the big screen over the years, most recently via Sophie Turner, and is a beautifully simple name.

  • Clea

    Marvel Comics

    This one might be a tad more obscure, at least until Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters in 2021, but it’s nevertheless an elegant and unique first name. Clea is an extraterrestrial, human-looking sorceress -- peak comic book stuff, we know -- and student of Dr. Strange, having been in his line of comics since 1964.

  • Raven

    Marvel Comics

    Although Raven isn’t even the character’s real name but a pseudonym of hers, it works just fine as a first name. The nickname belongs to Anna Marie, or Rogue, the X-Men mutant who can absorb the life force and mutant abilities of other creatures.

  • Brunnhilde

    Marvel Comics

    Portrayed in absolutely brilliant fashion by Tessa Thompson in Thor: Ragnarok,  Valkyrie’s true identity is Asgardian Brunnhilde. In the Marvel films, she’s a drifter and only meets Thor on the trash planet Sakaar, but in the comics she’s at one point embroiled in a relationship with the God of Thunder. Anyway, this is a unique name in the US, to say the least.

  • Kitty

    Marvel Comics

    This is an undoubtedly adorable first name, and it belongs to none other than the X-Men’s Kitty Pryde. Portrayed by Ellen Page in the excellent X-Men: Days of Future Past, Kitty possesses the mutant power to become intangible and move through matter -- super neat!

  • Sersi

    Marvel Comics

    We’re about to see this interesting, cosmic character portrayed by Gemma Chan in the upcoming Eternals Marvel film. Though, with Game of Thrones having come and gone, parents might have to explain what inspired the name. (The spelling should help.)

  • Blaire

    Marvel Comics

    This one isn’t particularly obvious, but we couldn’t write this list without including our favorite members of the X-Men: Dazzler, or Alison Blaire. Born with the mutant ability to transform sonic energy into light-based energy, she’s potentially one of the most powerful and dangerous mutants in the Marvel universe.

  • Neena

    Marvel Comics

    We take this interestingly spelled -- but admittedly common -- first name of Neena from that of Domino, another mutant from the X-Men series. Domino possesses powers that are difficult to explain, but in short, she has the ability to psionically affect the probability of outcomes around her that she can see. Here’s a power we could all get behind.

  • Nebula

    Marvel Comics

    If anyone who hears the word Nebula, or in this case the name, doesn’t immediately think of Karen Gillan with a shaved head and in blue face paint, that person isn’t following Marvel movies. For those who are, Nebula is another adopted daughter of Thanos and a cyborg. Not only is Nebula a gorgeous-sounding name, but it is inspired by an alien cyborg, which is super cool.

  • Riri

    Marvel Comics

    This is a relatively new character to the Marvel pantheon, but is nevertheless massively important. Riri Williams is an accelerated teenager already attending MIT in the Marvel universe, who eventually becomes the new Iron Man, known as Iron Heart. Also, what an unusual name.

  • Amora

    Marvel Comics

    What a beautiful and original first name, which admittedly belongs to one of Thor’s greatest villains in the history of the character. This Asgardian is known as Enchantress, and as such has mind-altering powers that have caused great disarray in the Marvel universe over the years.

  • Kamala

    Marvel Comics

    Of course we saved one of the best for last. Kamala Khan is none other than Ms. Marvel and the first Pakistani superhero in Marvel’s comic book line. Not only does Ms. Marvel have interesting “embiggening” powers that allow her to stretch and deform her body into nearly limitless shapes and forms, but her name simply has a beautiful sound.

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