Husband Discovers Wife Poked a Hole in His Condom & Doesn’t Know How To React



Deciding how many kids you want isn't always easy. Although you might be happy with the size of your family, your partner could have other thoughts. That said, most couples ultimately reach a compromise, whether or not the number is what they'd originally planned on. But for one anonymous couple, whose story is lighting up Reddit, that doesn't seem to be the case. According to the husband, he was done having kids but his wife wasn't -- so she put a hole in his condom before they had sex.

  • The couple already have a 9-year-old, but seem to be at odds about whether they should have more.

    In his Reddit post, which has since been deleted, the man explained that his wife had recently gone off birth control, even though he'd expressed not wanting another kid. At least not yet, the dad argued, citing their current finances as a big reason why it wouldn't be smart. 

    So, they've switched to condoms, which hasn't been a problem -- until recently.

    "Fast-forward to last week, we are about to have sex and she hands me a condom," the man wrote. "I notice it doesn’t feel 'inflated' like condoms usually do when it’s unopened."

    That's when he turned on the lights, only to see an "obvious hole" through the middle of the condom. 

    Although he immediately realized what happened, he didn't want to call out his wife in the moment. 

    "I make up an excuse and say 'I don’t wanna use this one, I wanna try that other one,'" the dad continued. "And place the condom back in the drawer."

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  • The man said he actually gave his wife the benefit of the doubt -- until the next morning.

    "I go to check it and BAM condom is gone," he recalled.

    He added that he has yet to talk things through with his wife, but that he is "beyond disappointed."

    What's more, he's no wondering if it's ground for separation -- or worse, divorce.

    "How can I trust her going forward with anything?" he asked. "She doesn’t have a great history and constantly lies about stuff. I haven’t been perfect either but holy crap this is next level."

  • Most people thought there was no way back from this deception; it was time to get a divorce.

    "This is absolutely grounds for a divorce," one commenter wrote. "If there is a way to quickly lose trust, this is it! You'll never trust her again. Frankly, what she's done is disgusting."

    "This is definitely grounds for divorce," another commenter agreed. "This is beyond manipulative and if she would do this, there’s no limit to what she would do."

    Another person was quick to close the book on this marriage too. 

    "Say goodbye to that woman, this story is insane," the person said. "Best of luck to you."

  • Meanwhile, other people thought there was something more serious going on and likened his wife's act to abuse.

    "This is called reproductive coercion and it is a form of domestic violence," one person wrote. "Reproductive coercion is when one partner attempts to maintain power and control over the other partner's reproductive choices and reproductive health. Poking holes in a condom is one form of reproductive coercion and it falls under what's called 'birth control sabotage.'"

    Another person agreed. "Not sure where you live but in some places that is reproductive coercion," the person wrote. "A sexual assault crime. She could face jail time."

    "What she did is abusive," a third commenter added. "I suggest couples counseling or separating. I couldn't be with someone I couldn't trust."

  • In an update to the post, the dad admitted that the responses to his story are making him rethink his entire relationship.

    "We have tried counseling and psychotherapy and everything under the sun through our years," he explained. "Changes happen for a week then back to same ole. Conversation will be had. Just having a hard time overall."

    In the end, he said a separation seemed inevitable -- and for the best. 

    "I think separation would be helpful to see if I want to continue this relationship," he concluded. "I can put up with a lot. But this is too much."

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