What's the Best Thing to Wear After Labor & Delivery?


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I wrote a post a while back on hospital bag essentials -- and of course something comfy for the new mom is on the list. But what is the best thing to wear after giving birth? A robe, a nursing gown or top, button-up PJ's?

I opted for a soft, inexpensive maternity robe from Target -- I wanted something I wouldn't worry about staining. I didn't take a nursing bra with me, though, and I wish I had.

If you've given birth before, what did you think was the best thing to wear after labor and delivery?

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I have 2 big, "old lady" type of nightgowns from Sears. I love them. I wore them in the hospital, and there are plenty of buttons in the front for nursing. I'm wearing one right now because I'm sick, it's so darn comfortable. I have a friend here on CM who makes more modern postpartum gowns, and I will be going to her Etsy store next time I give birth! I also had a maternity robe from Target, and I still wear it 9 years later.

My3So... My3Sons3121

I took my comfly robe for walking the halls and pjs that had a button up top. That was the best not having to struggle when it was time to feed the baby.

tinys... tinystkdmom

I think a big comfy pair of button up pj's..the bottoms will help hold the pad in place and if you are nursing the top can be unbuttoned bottom to top for modesty..jmo

35yoamom 35yoamom

My old maternity clothes.  I was still big but then sore so I wanted loose clothing.

staci... staci1103

Anything comfy yet you won't care if it gets stained.  Dark colors just in case of stains. 

jcsmummy jcsmummy

a robe and pj pants....a nursing bra if i've got the energy to put one on. fuzzy slippers & extra socks cause my feet are always cold afterwards.

LRMom... LRMommyof2

I bought a big jogging suit.  I actually bought a really exspensive juicy couture one but Old navy has really cute velour ones. I plan on buys a few of those while i try to lose weight!   I bought mine a size up so that i could be comfy and wash them a million times with out worrying about shrinkage!!  Best thing i ever bought!  Love it!! 

Aemelia Aemelia

I actually wore the hospital provided robes this last time and I was so comfy because they are so soft and who cares what happens to them because you leave them there.  I took my own robe though for walking the halls. 

When I had my boys I took a nursing gown and I was happy with that too but I always hiked it up in back so I could sit on the pads and not bleed on it.  I kept that for once I got home this time.   

Don't forget the warm socks!  I am always so cold once my personal heater is out of me.  I have to take my own pillow hospital beds are bad enough to keep me from sleeping unless I bring my own pillow.

Willy... Willywonka06

loose baggy gowns or loose sweats and make sure socks! and hair tie or clip

julio... julionna_lion

The "grandma" gowns......below the knee..cotton (or other soft breathable material) and ugly LOL and if you are going to breastfeed make sure that it has buttons down the front so that you can easily access the girls for lunch time! (I am so glad that I actually did borrow a nightgown from my grandmother....because I ended up with a c-section...and I cant imagine having to put pants over the cut....*shudder*)

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