20 Hilarious Baby Onesies for Parents Who Love a Good Joke

Mandy Velez | Jul 29, 2019 Pregnancy
20 Hilarious Baby Onesies for Parents Who Love a Good Joke
Image: Vulgar Baby

Vulgar Baby

Baby onesies are an infant clothing staple. They're easy to put on, and they're easy to take off. They're like the plain canvas for clothes. They can be worn under clothes or over clothes and seriously come in handy during a blow-out in the middle of the store. (Yikes!) The best part about onesies is the prints or messages that come on them. Babies aren't old enough to have a say in the outfits they wear, so it's an outlet for mom and dad to show off their style. In many cases, what baby wears can also show off parents' personality as well, depending on the onesie. Some are funny, and others are disturbing. And others are a way to throw it back to the '90s and proudly.

We are fans of the funny onesie. In our search we found some that are too crude and those are not very nice to see on a baby. But we did find lots of one-pieces that are sure to make parents and strangers alike laugh. Whether parents buy the onesie to show off their sense of humor or if loved ones purchase one to get a laugh at the baby shower, any one of these will do the trick. 

In this day and age, photos of kids are a major part of parent life. (OK, everyone's life thanks to Instagram.) Because of this, outfits can actually be seen by someone other than the person dressing the baby on a daily basis. Think of the Instagram posts! People can actually get famous from the funny things their kids do or wear. In other words, the sense of humor depicted in the form of these onesies will not be for naught. Take a look at them below, have a laugh then pick one for the baby to wear -- and maybe look back on as an adult and cringe (or laugh). Lots of people will find them funny. And a select few will send messages mom or dad is thinking but can't say. Enjoy!

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