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  • But other people thought the tweet was a bad look.

    One person agreed that even though the mom had a point, not everyone can afford to give a gift. "It’s petty but I see her point," the woman wrote. "But she’s worried about gifts instead of ppl coming to just support her. People have bills and lives first so sometimes that week they don’t have it and they still wanna show love."

    Another person thought the mom was missing the point of a shower. "Well a baby shower is to CELEBRATE the new life coming NOT to receive gifts....seems like you aren't ready for the baby yourself...." she wrote.

    Someone else agreed that you shouldn't be using your shower to get gifts. "If you depending on the baby shower to have things for your baby then you don’t need to be having a baby. HONESTLY," she wrote.

    It just goes to show you that when it comes to attending a baby shower, if you can afford to play it safe, a gift card never hurts! 

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