20 Disney Baby Girl Names Inspired by Lesser-Known Characters

Jess Richardson | Jul 3, 2019 Pregnancy
20 Disney Baby Girl Names Inspired by Lesser-Known Characters
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Disney Baby Girl Names Inspired By Lesser-Known Characters

Look, we love the traditional baby girl names from the Disney movies as much as anyone else. But not everyone wants to have an Ariel or a Tiana, and not everyone wants to be as totally open about their fandom as they need to be to name a kid after a totally recognizable Disney princess. For moms who want to incorporate their love of Disney -- and all that these stories mean to them -- into their kids' names, we're totally in favor. And for those who want to full-on name their kids Aurora, we say go for it. But we're also all about moms who want to keep it a little bit more subtle and name their kid something that's more quietly referential. These are names from Disney characters who have totally won our hearts over the years but who have played more into the background than some of the others -- secondary characters and sequel stars. 

But we totally get the magic of naming a kid after any kind of Disney character. This list of names inspired by beloved Disney characters is pretty fantastic, as are these magical boy names inspired by forgotten Disney characters and Disney-inspired names for boys. Some of them are gender-neutral, so for anyone looking for a girls' name that could also play as a boys' name will find inspiration. We also love these names inspired by Disney villains, because even if we don't necessarily want our kid to act like some of these characters, they do have some of the best names (and the best lines). Then there's magical names inspired by fairy tales, which aren't Disney-specific. In fact, many of these names aren't connected to Disney at all, but there's definitely some overlap between classic fairy tales and Disney names.

  • Clarice


    Clarice is the love interest of both Chip and Dale, first appearing in the animated short Two Chips and a Miss, where she was a singer at a nightclub called the Acorn Club. We think it's an adorable name (and that the chipmunk is really cute, too)!

  • Anastasia


    Anastasia Tremaine is one of Cinderella's stepsisters, the youngest sister of Lady Tremaine. In the original movie, she's vain and selfish, but in sequels, she grows as a character into someone who learns from Cindarella's kindness -- and we just love the name Anastasia. 

  • Daphne


    Daphne is the name of one of Cinderella's ladies-in-waiting in the direct-to-video Cinderella II: Dreams Come True. She is a kind and loving character, and we adore the name Daphne, which is also the name of a dryad in Greek mythology. 

  • Dinah


    Yes, Dinah is the name of the cat in Alice in Wonderland, but it's a lovely girls' name. Coming from the Hebrew, it means "God is my judge," and is the female version of the male name Dan. We think it's old-fashioned but a very pretty name that deserves a comeback. 

  • Coco


    In 101 Dalmations: The Series, Coco appears as Lucky's rich aunt, and scoffs at him for not understanding a multicourse dinner. She's really an adorable character, however, if one we only see briefly, and we love the name Coco generally -- it's always nice to be reminded of a good Chanel design. 

  • Mim


    Madam Mim may be the antagonist in The Sword and the Stone, but we think the name Mim is positively adorable. A diminutive of Miriam, a beautiful Hebrew name, Mim is an adorable nickname or a given name on its own, although we love the idea of calling the baby Miriam officially on the birth certificate -- just to give her more options later.

  • Jane


    Jane Banks may be only a small child in Mary Poppins -- and not the character whose name we remember, exactly -- but she's adorable, and we love the name Jane. It's simple, it's classic, and it'll never go out of style. Basically, what can we say? We're fans!

  • Kessie


    In the Winnie the Pooh franchise, Kessie is the adopted daughter Rabbit. She's a bluebird who first appears in The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and who is found after being lost in a snowstorm. We think Kessie is an unusual and lovely name. 

  • Shanti


    Shanti is a character in The Jungle Book from 1967. She's a little girl known for her absolutely beautiful singing voice, who entrances Mowgli. We think the name Shanti would be a gorgeous one for a baby girl. 

  • Andrina


    Andrina is the name of one of Ariel's sisters in The Little Mermaid. A blonde who favors purple and pink, she is the second-oldest sister. Hers is a gorgeous, Greek baby name meaning "brave," and is a feminine version of the name Andrew. 

  • Carlotta


    The name of Eric's sweet, kind maid in The Little Mermaid, Carlotta may not be the most fashionable or most beautiful character, but she's lovely -- and she has a gorgeous name. It's derived from the Italian, and it means "strong."

  • Clothilde


    Clothilde is the name of the fishmonger in the live action Beauty and the Beast, who is eventually reunited with her husband, Cogsworth, at the end. Although it may be hard for some American tongues to pronounce, we love the classic French name. It's a saint's name, meaning "famous in battle."

  • Eden


    Eden is a character in the Aladdin television series. She's a caring but impulsive genie who is Genie's girlfriend. She is totally charming, and her name is a beautiful one that is unusual but totally pronounceable for Americans.  

  • Bo


    Bo Peep is Woody's long-lost girlfriend in Toy Story, and we just love the name Bo for a baby girl. Usually a diminutive of Bonita or Bonnie, it's also the nickname of Dr. Rainbow Johnson on the hit series Black-ish.

  • Madellaine


    Madellaine is the name of the assistant circus ringmaster in The Hunchback of Notre Dame II. She is funny, sweet, and loving, and we love the classic French name, either spelled this way or the more traditional Madeleine. 

  • Kiara 


    Kiara is the name of Simba and Nala's daughter in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. We love this name, which has many roots: In Italian, Chiara means "bright," while in Hindi, Kiara means "God's precious gift." Either way, it's a beautiful name! 

  • Kala


    Kala is the name of Tarzan's adoptive mother in the 1999 Disney classic Tarzan. Gentle, sweet, and loving, she's a great mom, and we love her name, too, which means "fine arts" in Sanskrit and "princess" in Hawaiian. 

  • Celia


    Celia Mae is the receptionist in Monster's Inc., taking calls made by all sorts of monsters. She is also Mike's girlfriend. We love the name Celia, which is derived from the Latin word for "heaven," caelum

  • Victoria


    Victoria is the name of a friend that Lilo makes in Lilo & Stitch: The Series. She is a sweet, loyal girl who joins Lilo's hula class, and sticks with her over befriending Mertle, who is a bully. The name is derived from the Latin word "victory." 

  • Pearl


    Pearl is a pink flapjack octopus in Finding Nemo. She is such a cute character, although she's self-conscious about one of her tentacles being short.(It's barely noticeable.) We love this pretty, oceanside name for a baby girl. 

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