20 Things Every Pregnant Woman Will Need to Survive a Summer Pregnancy

Mandy Velez | Jun 13, 2019 Pregnancy
20 Things Every Pregnant Woman Will Need to Survive a Summer Pregnancy
Image: @galinkazhi via Twenty20

@galinkazhi via Twenty20

First comes the pregnancy announcement -- super creative and fun! Then, for some moms, the realization that the pregnancy will overlap with the summer. If mom lives anywhere but Australia (where it's winter during June, July, and August), this can at first be a little scary. Summer can get hot and sticky without adding a baby belly to the mix‚ not to mention hot flashes, chafing, or nausea. But it doesn't have to be too bad! There are lots of amazing reasons why it's the best to be pregnant in the summer. To start, there may be heat, but that means no cumbersome coats to fit over bellies or worrying about slipping on ice. Then there's cute sundresses and looser clothing to wear and two words: ice cream. And no excuses to get it at any time of night.

That said, there still may be summer pregnancy struggles, and namely with the heat. It's important for mamas-to-be to keep cool during this time and there are plenty of easy ways to do so. Drinking plenty of water is first, then there's lots of showering, carrying a spray bottle, and just spending a little more time indoors. Got that down? But perhaps that may not be enough. Moms dealing with harsh early trimester symptoms or moms about ready to have their little bundles of joy may need a little extra help getting through the sunnier days of the year. That's where we come in. 

We rounded up some essentials moms can make sure to arm themselves with if they're heading into summer pregnant. Whether it's early on or late in the game, these items -- from ice packs to cooling blankets to comfy sandals -- will definitely go a long way. And we made sure it wasn't just about keeping cool, as important as that is carrying a baby. It's also about comfort. Check out the items below and get prepared -- neck fans, included.

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