Walmart's Free 'Baby Box' Is Loaded With Things New Moms Will Actually Put to Use

baby box

It's true that parents of new borns need a lot of basic baby product essentials. Diapers, wipes, creams -- all of it is essential early on in a newborn's life. But the truth is, sometimes it takes mom and dad a few tries to get the products right. If one thing is for certain, babies are extremely unpredictable, which is why while gifting parents-to-be a swath of lotions, shampoos, and diapers is well intentioned -- the truth is if baby's skin is took sensitive, mom and dad are just saddled with a ton of stuff they can't actually use. 

That's why it's so important for future moms and dads to take advantage of all of the freebie samples they can -- and lucky for them, Walmart's new "baby box" is full of the exact things they should be testing out. 

The swag box is totally free for parents who are signing up for a baby registry as Walmart's welcome to the store. Instead, parents will find smale sizes they will actually put to good use  and learn more about what products are best for their baby. 

Here's a sneak-peak of what's inside -- and if mom and dad love what they are offered, they can shop for their favorites right here!