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baby products

Being a parent is a lot of things -- it's beautiful, awe-inspiring, challenging ... and freaking expensive. Whether they are newly earthside or inching into toddler years, kids cost a lot of money. From baby products that keep them safe to basic needs such as diapers, the "baby" years financially add up fast.

Parents need to keep their eyes peeled for deals on baby products, but let's face it -- they don't have time to do all the searching. That's why we've pulled together a running list of daily deals to help parents save some time and a buck. Shop some of Amazon's best daily deals on baby swag here.

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  • 6/6 Baby Product Deals To STILL Take Advantage of: 

    Baby product deals

    Cocoon Cam Plus - Baby Monitor with Breathing Monitoring - Updated 2019 Version (23% Off)
    Ask any new mom and they'll tell you their number one fear centers on if the baby is breathing or not, especially during sleep. This nifty monitor allows you to to see a baby's heart rate and breathing rate with no wearables! 

    (Currently $114)

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  • 5/31 Baby Product Deals To STILL Take Advantage of: 

    Skyla Homes - Magnetic Baby Locks (12 Pack)

    Skyla Homes - Magnetic Baby Locks (12 Pack) (35% off)

    If the little one is starting to make his or her way around the house, these magnetic locks are a life-saver ... literally!

    (Currently $19)

  • 5/29 Baby Product Deals To STILL Take Advantage of: 

    baby products

    Skip Hop Nursery Style Light-Up Diaper Caddy, Grey (38% off)

    Scrounging for baby products like diapers and creams in the dark at 2 a.m. is brutal. This little caddy has a light to make finding things easier without totally waking up the baby. 

    (Currently $32) 

    Skip Hop Farmstand Grow & Play Activity Gym (20% off)

    Raising a little foodie? This convertible playmat will absolutely pique baby's interest. 

    (Currently $68) 

  • 5/28 Baby Product Deals To STILL Take Advantage of:

    Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer

    Skip Hop Moby Softspot Sink Bather, Baby Bath Cushion, Blue (20% off)

    Live in a house without a tub? This nifty little bath cushion is perfect for keeping baby safe and comfortable for sink baths. 

    (Currently $24) 

    Skip Hop Baby Infant and Toddler Camping Cubs Activity Gym and Playmat (20% off)

    From the tender age of 3 months and all the way through the the first year, kids can't get enough of their playmats. This one has a ton of activities to keep baby entertained while developing skills. 

    (Currently $68) 

  • 5/21 Baby Product Deals To STILL Take Advantage of: 

    Baby Brielle Portable Gray Travel Infant and Toddler Diaper Bag with Booster Seat (45% off)

    Ready for the most genius product ever? This fully functional baby bag with tons of room for the kiddo's stuff converts into a booster seat you can pop up when you're on the go!

    (Currently $39)

  • 5/17 Baby Product Deals To STILL Take Advantage of:

    baby products

    You+Me 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Carrier with 3D Cool Air Mesh (17% Off) 

    From an 8-pound newborn to a 32-pound toddler, this carrier is perfect for the babywearing mama. There are tons of ways to carry your LO including ergonomic back carry for toddlers and two front carry facing-in options for newborns and toddlers -- plus facing-out front carry for kids 6 months and older! 

    (Currently $25) 

    Cumbor Auto Close Safety Baby Gate (24% off)

    If you've officially got a little walker or crawler, baby gates are going to be your best friend. And this one will be hard for them to bust through. It's extra tall with a secure lock and even has a pet door so your fur babies have access to sectioned-off rooms. 

    (Currently $60)

  • 5/15 Deals To STILL Take Advantage of: 

    HapTim Multi-Function Large Baby Diaper Bag Backpack W/Stroller Straps-Insulated Pockets-Changing Pa

    HapTim Multi-Function Large Baby Diaper Bag Backpack w/Stroller Straps-Insulated Pockets-Changing Pad (19% off)

    This high-quality waterproof backpack can hold practically your entire life -- it has 17 internal and external pockets for endless organization.

    (Currently $46)