21 Gifts to Give to a Mom-to-Be Having Multiples

Mandy Velez | Apr 29, 2019 Pregnancy
21 Gifts to Give to a Mom-to-Be Having Multiples
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Whenever a mom reveals she's having multiples, the freakout level goes up a few notches. More babies means more cuteness. But let's be real, it also means a lot more work, and a lot more opportunities to step up and help the new family. Veteran moms of multiples may have it down to a science, or they're used to just going with the flow, but mamas-to-be on twins, triplets, quads, or more are totally in the dark. Being a mama to multiples is more than just what is seen on TLC shows or picking out fun names. It's rewarding and time-consuming and everything in between. And moms need all the help they can get, or gifts to help make the transition to a mama of many a bit smoother. 

So what exactly does a mama of many need? Not many people know. She may not even know. But that's what this gift list is here for. It's packed with items to gift new mamas of multiples that range from practical gifts (like bottle holders and double bassinets) to more fun gifts like picture frames and multiple-geared baby books that they might not think about. Does anyone think about the fact that much of the baby items on the market are gear towards single babies? Turns out, multiple baby items, like multi-seat strollers or pack-and-plays aren't as easily available as their single-baby counterparts. 

Don't worry, though. We did the hard work and dug up some items, like the ones mentioned above, to take the hard work in finding items meant for two babies or more. Not everything should be done together, they are their own little people after all. But for the sake of mama's sanity, some things can and should be done together -- or at least as efficiently as possible. Take a look at the gifts below and choose the one (or multiple, heh) that will speak to mama's heart. 

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  • Twin Baby Carrier


    Who said a mom can't strap on both of her babies at once? Thanks to this twin baby carrier, which is also safe for her back and hips, makes it possible. Bonus: It has a built-in diaper bag.

    Twin Baby Carrier ($170, Stuff4Multiples)

  • 'Because Triplets' Wine Glass 


    Every mama deserves to kick back, moms of multiples especially. These stemless wine glasses come with the script "because triplets," because well, triplets. 

    "Because Triplets' Wine Glass  ($10, BlitzGiftsNMore/Etsy)

  • Multiple Name Necklace


    She can fashionable and let the world know she's a mama times two, three, four or more. Get the babies' names written out on a personalized name necklace.

    Multiple Name Necklace ($33, GracePersonalized/Etsy)

  • Twin Nursing Pillow


    Nursing or feeding one baby can be hard as it is, let alone feeding more than one. The twin nursing pillow aims to make it a bit easier by having the babies lay comfortably at the same time, either for feeding time or just to relax.

    TwinNursing Pillow ($100, BuyBuyBaby)

  • Tote Bag


    Having multiples, or twins, means double or triple the stuff to carry around. Put the snacks and toys in a tote like the one from Etsy that comes personalized with "raising twins" on the side. 

    Tote Bag ($25, TwoTimesTooBoutique/Etsy)

  • Triplets Memory Book


    Help the mama-to-be capture all of the memories with a photo book for multiples. It includes spaces for travel, doctors appointments, important dates, and more. Most baby books are meant for one baby, but this one is meant for three at a time. 

    Triplet First Five Years Memory Book ($21, Amazon)

  • Quadruplet Stroller


    Four times the babies calls for four times the stroller space. Don't worry about pushing two sets of strollers around. Instead, push all of the babies at once with a quadruplet stroller. 

    Four-Seat Stroller ($430, BuyBuyBaby)

  • Triplets Photo Frame


    Photo frames have to be one of the most underrated gifts of all time. Save a future mom the time and energy, get her photo frames times two or three. She's busy enough, already having a frame when she finally has time to decorate will go a long way. 

    Triplets Photo Frame (from $22, BuyBuyBaby) 

  • Twin Nursery Center


    Most changing stations include space for just one baby, but this nursery station includes two places. It can sit on top of a pack-and-play so the lucky person or people changing babies don't have to travel far from the babies inside. 

    Double Changing Station ($68, BuyBuyBaby)

  • Twin Bassinet


    Take the convenience a step further by putting a bassinet on top of the playpen as well. This one from Graco also comes with a pull-down cover.

    Twin Bassinet ($220, BuyBuyBaby)

  • Multiples T-Shirt


    T-shirts are another fun way to show off that there's a strong mom of multiples around -- and they're comfy too. This T-shirt says "Triple as blessed and triple as tired."

    Multiples T-Shirt ($19, SimplySeptemberShop/Etsy)

  • Multiples Maternity T-Shirt


    Comfy T-shirts are a must for maternity wear. Add a multiples spin by sharing this shirt with mama featuring a bunch of little feet on the belly area. The babies are "wombmates" after all.

    Maternity T-Shirt ($22, CafePress)

  • Travel Mug


    Moms of multiples need all the caffeine they can get. Between doctors appointments, family fun, and trips outside the house, she can always use a reliable coffee mug to take with her.

    Twins Mug ($20, CafePress)

  • Double Pool Float


    Keep all the siblings close and afloat. This double pool float is just one item but has spaces for two babies. That way mom can play with both babies in the pool at the same time. 

    Duo Twin Float ($50, Stuff4Multiples)

  • Twin Swing


    No need to take turns with double swings. Stick both babies in at the same time and then have them swing right next to each other. Babies are happy and mom will be, too. 

    Double Baby Swing ($110, LadybugSwingCompany/Etsy)

  • Bottle Holder


    It doesn't take a math whiz to know that a mama with two hands can't feed two or more babies at the same time, or at least comfortably. Nor does she have the time to stop what she's doing to feed multiple babies on different schedules. The "Slingaroo" bottle holder can help. It attaches to the top of a car seat to make feeding mom hands-free.

    Bottle Holder ($25, Stuff4Multiples)

  • Two-Position Baby Bath


    This baby bath isn't necessarily made for two or more babies, just one, but it makes bath time easier for the one in there. This, in an ideal world, will speed up the bath process in general. Which is important when there's more than one baby needing a wash.

    Baby Bath ($43, Amazon)

  • Twin Onesies


    Can't deny that matching multiple clothes are the cutest. There's plenty to choose from on JustMultiples including this coordinating onesie set. 

    Twin Onesies ($34, JustMultiples) 

  • Triplet Table


    Make feeding time (or playing time) easier. Get mama this triplet table (there's a version for other multiple sets, too) to eliminate the stress of running back and forth between three high chairs. 

    Multiples Table ($315, Just Multiples)

  • Multiples Baby Bag


    Parenting multiples is a heavy-duty job that calls for a heavy-duty bag. The duo diaper bag comes large enough to fit double the supplies and features multiple bottle pockets on the side. 

    Duo Baby Bag ($83, Just Multiples)

  • Tall, Grande, Venti Onesies


    We already mentioned baby clothes, but these are too cute to ignore. The threesome baby onesies designate each baby to "Tall," "Grande," and "Venti" Starbucks-style bottles. 

    Triplet Onesies ($35, Just Multiples)

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