21 Fresh Baby Shower Theme Ideas That Modern Moms-to-Be Will Love

Mandy Velez | Aug 11, 2019 Pregnancy
21 Fresh Baby Shower Theme Ideas That Modern Moms-to-Be Will Love
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Baby showers are big deal in the mom world -- even among celebrities. They're a chance for family and friends to come together and celebrate, or "shower" the mama-to-be and the baby-on-the-way with lots of love It's also the time for loved ones to shower the guests of honor with items they may need to start raising their little bundle of joy. 

Moms can plan their own shower or the people closest to them can. If it's the former, chances are one of the biggest questions that come up is what the theme should be. There are the go-to themes of course if old-school is the goal: Mommy-To-Bee showers, zoo animal showers, and more. But for the more modern or off-beat mama, or those who have already had a shower and are having a second, new themes are the way to go. But which direction to go in? That's where we come in.

We tapped into the likes, interests, and loves of mamas today to concoct possible baby shower themes she'll love. Llamas, unicorns, and succulents came up (hey, millennials) as did the classic Disney ideas and Winnie the Pooh, but with a twist. We don't want to give too much away but, are there any The Office mamas out there? That's where we went with this. 

Now, we came up with the themes, but the creativity will still be given to planners to take the ideas and run with them. The ideas are broad enough to allow the creative juices to flow. When it comes to the party in full -- from favors, to food, drink and dessert -- every aspect of the shower can work with the theme. And thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, which often have printable invites and decorations, planning has never been so easy. These themes will up the ante just a bit, and give future mama a party that speaks to her. And one that will get her excited to explain to her baby someday. Picture it: "Well, kiddo, llamas were the coolest animal at that time." Sounds good to us!

  • No Prob Llama Mama Shower


    Llamas are everywhere these days: on socks, pillows, shirts. And it makes sense: They're freaking adorable! Like babies' bottoms, they're super soft and fun to hug/squish. Their constant presence will make for a cute baby shower theme as llama-covered decorations will not be too hard to find. 

  • A Baby Is Blooming Succulent Shower


    Succulents are all the rage and are often the first thing a person learns to care for. Turn that relationship into a baby shower theme. Get plates or favors that say "baby in bloom" to convey new life and new growth. The best part is that they, or their seeds, make great favors so everyone can leave with a little bundle of joy to nurture, even if it's just a plant.

  • Bookworm Baby Shower


    This theme works perfectly for the mama who likes to read. Use children's books as centerpieces and decorations on the food table or ask guests to bring books instead of a card. When the party is over, mom will be able to stock the nursery bookshelf. Make bookmarks as favors. 

  • Life's a Circus Shower


    Take it to the circus, Britney Spears style. Print out circus tickets as invitations, use colorful flags to string on the tables or walls and rent a popcorn machine. 

  • Baby's First 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Shower


    For more of the spooky mamas out there, this Nightmare Before Christmas shower will shine new light on the dark side. Skulls are definitely the way to go here. Because Etsy basically has everything, there's themed supplies on the site, including fun Nightmare baby shower "It's A Boy" and "It's a Girl" streamers. 

  • 'The Office' Shower


    This one is for fans of The Office, and/or specifically, Dwight Shrute and Michael Scott. Print out quotes from the show and put them in frames as centerpieces. Make "Best Mom" mugs prizes for the shower games. Just make sure it's a lot more fun than Jan's shower was.  

  • Expecting Patronum Baby Shower


    Harry Potter fans are everywhere and there's plenty of ways to integrate the theme into a baby shower. Sort guests into houses, or just decorate the cupcakes with the house colors. Get creative with the diaper cake like this one. Set up onesies for guests to decorate with their best muggle skills. Mom will be so happy she's "expecting patronum!"

  • 'Born This Way' Lady Gaga Shower


    Let guests know off the bat that this baby is something special, and loved just as they come. All that is needed is lots of sparkles, a "Born This Way" cake topper and maybe a Lady Gaga lip sync competition. Oh, and lots of rainbows. 

  • Watch Out for the Baby "Pooh Bear" Shower


    OK, so Winnie the Pooh showers have been done before, but that doesn't mean it has to be done the same way with run-of-the-mill Winnie the Pooh decorations. Transform the space into the Hundred Acre Wood and go for a rustic feel. Take a note from this Etsy seller and print out some of the Pooh stories to put around the space or use bottles of honey as favors. 

  • Brunch-Inspired Shower


    Baby shower brunches aren't new, but have fun with it! Create a "momosa" table and have pancake or waffle bars available. Extra whipped cream and chocolate chips, please! Bonus: Baby will be able to appreciate the food even if mama can't have the drinks. 

  • Dreams Do Come True Disney Shower


    Turn the shower into a princess or prince fantasy. Give everyone Mickey and Minnie ears or have them make them during the party. Have the little ones wear their favorite princess dress or Disney costume. And give the other guests a tiara or crown to wear, too. Come up with games that touch on the mom-to-be's Disney faves and knowledge. 

  • Born to Be a Unicorn Shower 


    A little unicorn is on the way. Share the magic by decorating with sparkles, rainbows, and other unicorn-themed items to transform the shower into a fantasy land. These unicorn donuts aren't a bad idea, either. 

  • 'All You Need Is Love' Beatles Baby Shower


    Hey, Beatles fans. This one is a perfect reminder that all parents need is love for their little ones. Go along with the theme with little yellow submarine desserts or games. Instead of saying the word baby, no one can say the word "Beatles" or any of their songs.

  • Welcome to Wonderland Baby Shower


    Drink up! An Alice in Wonderland party will have mama and guests feeling both playful and nostalgic. Make "drink me" glasses with a punch or juice and sprinkle some playing cards around the tables. Whoever finds the Queen of Hearts gets a prize. Hopefully baby isn't late for their very important due date! 

  • Feminist-to-Be Shower


    Between the Women's Marches and #MeToo, moms (and dads) are committed to raising their kids to be loving and aware feminists. Celebrate the goal of raising a human in a more equal world with a girl power party. Thanks to Etsy, uterus confetti is 100% a thing. 

  • Zodiac Sign Party


    Why focus on baby's gender when you can celebrate their astrological sign! Although the due date may vary, make the shower an all-signs affair. Idea: Bake cookies with the "signs" on them or just make sure there are stars everywhere. If the due date is unknown, have a "sign" pool to guess which zodiac sign the baby will be born under. 

  • PJ Party Shower


    Take a note from the Kardashian playbook and have a fun, comfy pajama party-themed baby shower. Have guests come in their best sleepwear and give out sleep masks as favors. Just don't remind mama she might not get to use it much after the baby comes.

  • Oh, The Places Baby Will Go Travel Shower


    Turn the shower into a trip around the world for the travel-loving moms. Have guests sign a globe for the baby's nursery or a passport. Make a game where guests have to guess all the cities the mom-to-be has visited. Whoever is closest to the number of places wins. 

  • Never Sleep Like a New Yorker Shower


    Paris seems to be the go-to city for themed showers, but what about New York? New Yorkers are most like moms anyway, at least in the busy, (usually) sleepy department. Print out "Broadway" signs or set up skyline background for a makeshift photo booth. Print out a Big Apple, Statue of Liberty, and other iconic NYC staples to tape to sticks as props. Bonus: This shower ideas totally allows the ordering of lots and lots of pizza. It's the New York way!

  • Cute as a Pug Shower


    Babies might be the only species that are just as cute as pugs and other puppies. Celebrate them both with a pug-themed shower! Bake pug cookies, print out pug cutouts to take #selfies with or simply just find places to stick their cute little faces. 

  • Royal Baby Shower


    Meghan Markle isn't the only one to have a royal baby shower. Throw a party for the mama-to-be fit for a duchess. And yes, she gets to wear a tiara. 

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