23 Feminist Baby Names That Are Totally Gender Neutral

Mandy Velez | Apr 22, 2019 Pregnancy
23 Feminist Baby Names That Are Totally Gender Neutral
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Pee goes on the stick, the stick says "pregnant," and then reality sets in: There's a baby on the way! There's so much excitement as thoughts of pregnancy reveals, baby showers, and preparing for the little one come to mind. Then it hits like a ton of bricks: This little human will need a name and unless the kid changes it, it'll follow them their whole lives. No pressure! The good news is, it's 2019 and the baby-naming game is so much more open than it was before. And wanting to raise strong, inclusive, feminists, both boys and girls included, is also on a lot of mom's to-do-lists. Combine these two and find a gender neutral name with feminist roots. Because who wouldn't want to be named after a boss b*tch? 

Now, there's lots of options out there. There's hipster baby names, lots of gender neutral names, and even names for baby girls who are going to be future presidents. There's always a few names that started a "boy" names but now work for girls. And a few "girl" names that work for boys. But what about the using the names of feminists throughout history? Not just their first names, either. Their last names, an act that would stand as a symbol of fighting against the patriarchy in itself as women often give up their last names in marriage. Given how many feminist men out there understand the importance of the work of these feminists, agreeing to one of these names will be piece of cake. And the baby boy or girl bestowed with it will feel the strength of their namesake their entire lives. Check out the options we picked out below. Happy choosing! 

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